Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'American Bible Challenge' Season 3 teams announced

Via press release, GSN announced all eighteen teams for the third season of American Bible Challenge, which premieres Thursday, May 22nd with back to back new hour-long episodes starting at 8pm (ET). For Thursdays thereafter, one new hour-long episode will air at 8pm (ET).

GSN is also making this third season more exciting by adding new rounds and categories. All teams still put their winnings toward charity. In the first two seasons, 3rd place teams received $2,500, 2nd place teams received $5,000 and the winning team per episode won $20,000, where the winning team in the grand finale won an additional $100,000.

Per regular episode (six episodes), three teams will compete in which two will advance to the "Final Revelation" and one team per episode will reach the Semi-Finals. In the Semi-Finals (two episodes), it will be decided who reaches the American Bible Challenge finale, which all fits the 9-episode season.

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