Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014-15 upfronts: New originals

From the 2014-15 upfronts, here is a full list of anticipated originals on Game Show Network for the 2014-15 television season. We already know that American Bible Challenge and The Chase are coming plus here is full opinion on each upcoming proposed original.

The Idiot Test
Chance of seeing light of day: Positive
Confidence Level: Low
Prediction: GSN will put a lot of effort into The Idiot Test, where they will tie in the trivial aspect to The Chase. Ben Gleib appears to be a good host at least and the game is already know by smart phone and tablet users. This show will not tie-in well to the GSN audience and will appeal to a "dumb" (or not smart) audience, like GSN's remake of 1 vs. 100.

App Wars
Chance of seeing light of day: Medium
Confidence level: Very low
Prediction: With this Shark Tank rip-off and the fact that it's not a game show at all, viewers will bore App Wars after episode number 1.

Say What?
Chance of seeing light of day: Very High
Confidence Level: High
Prediction: Say What? has previously been mentioned in the second 2013-14 upfronts, in June 2013. I had confidence then and I do now, where this is a completely new game show that includes the elements of memory.

The Tunnel
Chance of seeing light of day: Medium
Confidence level: Medium
Prediction: The fact that there is a trivia tie-in to this show is a play-along factor, but players' memorizing others positions is not play-along to the audience at home. Modest success, but that's all.

Heavy Betters
Chance of seeing light of day: Very Low
Confidence level: Very Low
Prediction: As a game show fan, I do not know what this is. As a television watcher, I have no confidence at all in this. We already have The Biggest Loser and we do not need anything else. If this makes it to air, which I doubt, it will tank worse than Family Trade.

The Line
Chance of seeing light of day: High
Confidence level: Medium
Prediction: This could work well as a studio-based game show with actual game play, but by the description, it's not. There could be a following with this show, due to the Shop 'Til You Drop audience on the network currently. GSN is seeing success with reruns of Shop 'Til You Drop, which has a huge fan-base, where it may be time for a Shop revival. GSN could pull off a Shop revival easily.

Star Crossed Lovers
Chance of seeing light of day: Low
Confidence level: Very Low
Prediction: The celebrity aspect GSN is never too good at. There's a chance this could air but sounds like something too 90's to me.

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  1. Ben Gleib and Idiot Test got some good word of mouth from reporters at the upfront. If GSN succeeds with anything, it's quizzers and word games. I'd give this more of a chance for success, though it may need time to build an audience, just like The Chase.

    Pretty much agree with everything else, though I'm not quite as sure about Say What? succeeding. Depends on execution of the chain-memory game.