Wednesday, March 26, 2014

REPORT: 'Shop Til You Drop' leaving Sunday nights

Hearing word that after only seeing two weeks of numbers, Shop 'Til You Drop will leave Sunday nights and go back to The Newlywed Game effective Sunday, April 6th.

On Sunday, March 16th, in its first week, Shop averaged 214,000 viewers from 7-9pm (ET).

Shop Til You Drop will still air Sunday, March 30th.


  1. Well, looks like Sunday nights are gonna lose my viewership. I don't know when/if I'll ever watch GSN on Sunday nights anytime soon.

  2. Good news, i enjoy The Newlywed Game (although i'd rather have the late 70's Eubank's version) and detest Shop 'Til You Drop.

    I do have to say i have no idea why GSN thought Shop 'Til You Drop would work at night, it just seems like a daytime show to me.

  3. GSN really does not want to finish the second PAX season it seems. And they are so close.

    I assume that the new episodes (they actually had a commercial on GSN branding them as such) will just take the 4pm slot on April 7th. I still think they will pick up the JD Roberto seasons, just as a test run- even though everyone hates that version. I liked it, it wasn't the best but it was still fun.

    We will just have to see if it shows the changes in the PDF's soon.

  4. That's what the PDFs said weeks ago. I hope you are not referring to those because they can be wrong such far out in advance.

    Dee Baker's antics have truly run thin with the viewers.

    1. The PDF's showed them on Sunday and the repeats on Wednesday's, yes. But they still (the week after March 30th) show the show. I know they can be wrong and have been wrong three times in the past month or two, because of last-minute changes.

      I think GSN will just continue the episodes left of season 2 on weekday's, and just restart the run or narrow down the run to once a day or throw it on the weekends.

  5. Haven't gotten any new pdfs, but this wouldn't amaze me. Shop Til You Drop just doesn't get numbers anywhere. That's why it lost the 5:00 PM weekday hour. I'm really surprised that the show is still on the schedule at all. But I could say the same about Mind of a Man.

  6. Sure would be nice if they had Supermarket Sweep and a way to compare ratings between it and Drop. I have no hard evidence, but I'm 99.9% certain during the Lifetime network days that Sweep had much better ratings than Shop.

  7. Bad News. Looks like Sunday Nights are gonna loose my viewership. I don't know when/if I will watch GSN on Sunday Nights again.