Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Report: 'Shop 'Til You Drop' and 'Deal or No Deal' in jeopardy of leaving afternoons

Hearing a few quibbles about GSN reducing and moving the Pat Finn-hosted Shop 'Til You Drop while axing NBC's Deal or No Deal (which GSN will air "New to GSN" syndie runs later in March). Stay tuned, but here are their latest numbers.

Ever since Deal or No Deal took the Chain Reaction hour weekdays in mid-January, Shop 'Til You Drop has been affected negatively. In its two hour block (up from one hour in December and early January), Shop averaged 324,000 viewers (January 20-24); 358,000 viewers (January 27-31); 318,000 viewers (February 3-7); 289,000 viewers (February 10-14) and 282,000 viewers (February 17-23). The four week average for the 2-hour block is 322,000 viewers. 

The previous four weeks where Shop was only one hour and had a Chain Reaction lead-in, Shop averaged a much better 372,000 viewers. GSN is moving Shop 'Til You Drop after all but that change may not last long.

Deal or No Deal is really slumping too. Its 3pm hour has averaged 459K, 480K, 413K, 361K and 385K, where Chain Reaction rarely averaged below 400,000 viewers prior to its departure (The last four weeks of Chain Reaction from December 23 through January 17 had 359K, 517K, 586K, 532K).

In addition to these two troubled shows on GSN's programming roster, 1 vs. 100 is doing fair for its re-acquisition status of an 7-year old network game show. 1 vs. 100 averaged 243,000 viewers the week of February 3-9 and 228,000 viewers for February 10-16. All of those slots were up against Olympic coverage. Meanwhile, without the Olympics, 1 vs. 100 averaged 402,000 viewers due the week of January 27th.

Out of these three shows, 1 vs. 100 is in the least trouble of leaving the schedule, mainly since it has less key slots where Deal or No Deal and Shop 'Til You Drop have more valuable afternoon slots.

Keep watching your favorites if you want them to say. Three shows that are looking great in ratings are Blockbusters, Press Your Luck and Sale of the Century.

Sources: Douglas Pucci, SonoftheBronx
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  1. Based upon this information, here's what I hope the afternoon schedule will look like next month (if nothing gets acquired)

    3:00pm Chain Reaction
    3:30pm Chain Reaction
    4:00pm Russian Roulette
    4:30pm Whammy!
    5:00pm Minute to Win It (Fieri)

    1. MTWI with the fat cook? No thanks.

  2. I've always wondered why GSN hasn't aired classic originals like Russian Roulette and Friend or Foe lately. I mean, it's their's, it won't cost them a penny. Oh yeah, it may take a few minutes to dig it out of the vault. Go ahead, air them, I'd love to see them too!

    1. I think they'd work really well on weekend mornings/early afternoons. It's time for Love Triangle and/or Newlywed Game to go.

  3. I agree that Love Triangle needs to leave the schedule. Sherriwed does fine on Thursday and Sunday nights, but it needs to get out of Saturday mornings. Mind of a Man needs to get out of Saturdays at noon as well as its other timeslots.

    I wouldn't mind if the weekend schedule were to look like this within the next couple of months (if nothing gets acquired).

    9:00am Password Plus
    9:30am Super Password
    10:00am Press Your Luck
    10:30am Whammy!
    11:00am Russian Roulette
    11:30pm The Pyramid
    12:00pm Deal or No Deal (Syn.)
    12:30pm Deal or No Deal (Syn.)

    A couple more classics on weekend mornings as well as Russian Roulette and Syndie DOND replacing Love Triangle, sherriwed, and MoaM would certainly get my viewership.

    I don't know if GSN still has the rights to Jeopardy, but if they do, I say put J! at 12:30pm and serve as a good lead-in to 1 vs 100 at 1:00pm.

    1. GSN dosen't have the rights to Jeopardy because it did bad in the ratings.

  4. I see the viewers are not entertained by Dee Baker's antics on STYD.
    Too much dressing in drag.

    1. I find it rather funny. I find myself watching less because many of the episodes I see have just aired on GSN.

  5. What's with all the speculation on OLD GSN originals?
    Has it been confirmed they are coming back?

    STYD and DOND are leaving the weekday afternoon schedule? Is this just speculation with no real solid proof? Or has there been some sort of news that they are Indeed leaving?

  6. I wish i like to see the classics being aired from 8am/7am to 3pm/2c on M-F and 9am/8am to 12pm/11c on Sat & Sun. Russian Roulette, Lingo, The Pyramid, Newlywed Game(Shepard), Family Feud(Karn/O'Hurley/Harvey), 1 vs 100, Minute to Win It(GSN), The Chase, Syndie Deal and Catch 21 would be the main ones to work fine anywhere in-between 3p/2c & 11p/10c on weekdays and/or also in-between 12p/11c and 12a/11c on weekends.