Thursday, March 6, 2014

Report: 'Mind of a Man' to be REMOVED from schedule in April

"I'm done"
Usually every year there is some type of major schedule shakeup, where in 2009, 2012 and 2013, always around April 1st there are some new classics, new shows and a refreshed episode lease. This time around that may or may not happen, we are not sure yet but Mind of a Man is in some real trouble.

A source at GSN has stated the show has the potential of becoming completely axed effective the beginning of April and will not return until the Summer.

GSN has become smarter with axing shows, mainly under new programming head Amy Introcaso-Davis. More recently with Beats the Chefs (Fall 2012) and Family Trade (March/April 2013), a complete axe has happened within 4 to 7 weeks of sour numbers. Mind of a Man in its most recent week averaged 176,000 viewers in new runs and 161K in its 20 total airings. This is all versus a total day average of 285,000 viewers.

Mind of a Man has not had an episode above 300,000 viewers since the week of January 27-February 2. There are currently no major changes up through April 6th.


  1. Getting rid of Mind of a Man is a good idea, bringing it back would not be a good idea. If GSN is going to get rid of this show (which I'm glad they are) then it should never come back.

  2. Well, I don't blame GSN for wanting to try to bring it back. Obviously, if there are new runs they paid all this money to make, and that have never aired, then they should air them. If numbers aren't hot now, give it a break, wait a few months, then run the new shows. If they don't work, then you can ax the show and we'll never see it again. I wouldn't just shut out the show just because it's not working now. You'll still have those new un-aired shows. Plus, the contestants that played on those un-aired shows are really going to want to see their show.

    1. Exactly! Besides, I've had enough of the various Family Feuds that they insist on playing all day every day. The GSN schedule is simply TRASH, and they need to make sure they keep stuff, even if just breaks up the monotony.

  3. GSN has only gotten smart about axing shows because they've had to. The need to be smart about developing and ordering shows. Anyone with a brain knew that Mind of a Man and Drew Carey and the Muppets and hidden camera shows weren't going to do well for GSN. I didn't go to Harvard like Kelly Goode and I don't have Amy Davis' resume but if I knew this and you knew this, how come they didn't?

  4. GSN pulling the plug on Mind of a Man is good idea surpsingly.