Monday, March 17, 2014

Report: 'American Bible Challenge' Season 3 to premiere May 22nd

Nothing is official yet from GSN via press releases or even Facebook posts, but there are a few online blurbs that the third season of mega hit American Bible Challenge will premiere Thursday, May 22nd at 8pm Eastern, nearly one year after the Season 2 Finale (May 23, 2013).

There is no word on It Takes a Church. Mind of a Man is expected to end on Wednesday, May 14th.

We are expected to hear this officially in tomorrow's GSN upfronts, which will unveil new series, the future of upcoming green-lit productions including Skin Wars, It Takes a Church and the status of The Chase

The American Bible Challenge is hosted by Jeff Foxworthy with musical guest Kirk Franklin.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad GSN has finally set a premiere date for Season 3, I was starting to wonder if it was ever gonna air.

    I really hope The Newlywed Game doesn't stay in the 9pm hour and serve as the lead-out. Hopefully one of these 3 things will happen:

    1) It Takes a Church will premiere at 9pm, immediately after Bible Challenge.

    2) 5th Grader is brought back (either reacquire the FOX version or acquire the Syndicated version) and air it at 9pm and other slots around the schedule.

    3)Lingo (either version) could go in the 9pm hour. Woolery could work after Bible Challenge because Chuck Woolery and Jeff Foxworthy are both Christians. Engvall could work because Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy are both members of Blue Collar.

    I doubt GSN will listen to me, but I really hope that the 9pm hour does NOT consist of either The Newlywed Game or Mr. Rerun. Also, I'm glad Mind of a Man will likely be over by then, hopefully it will leave the schedule altogether.