Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'Mind of a Man': How low will it go?

I don't really like making fun of GSN and their originals but Mind of a Man, something that definitely had potential has turned into a total flop. Are there any ratings guesses for tonight's new runs? The new episodes in the 8pm (ET) timeslot on February 19th received 186,000 viewers and 166,000 viewers. When Mind of a Man was moved to the 10pm (ET) timeslot effective February 26th, the two episodes scored 252,000 viewers and 184,000 viewers.

Mind of a Man airs NEW tonight (Wednesday) at 10pm (ET) and repeats at 1am (ET).


  1. I hear this horrible show isn't going anywhere. In fact, preparations for a second season are underway. IDIOTS!

    1. A second season??? I'll make a BIG YouTube rant video if that happens.

    2. Start ranting.

  2. 242 at 10pm
    199 at 10:30pm