Friday, March 14, 2014

GSN Upfronts 2014-15 coming Tuesday

GSN GREENLIGHTS TWO NEW SERIES AND UNVEILS ROBUST DEVELOPMENT SLATE DURING NEW YORK CITY UPFRONT PRESENTATIONFor the third year in a row, Game Show Network is having an official upfront slate. With this, we will learn more about the status of current originals The Chase, Mind of a Man and Minute to Win It (Ohno), where if they are not mentioned they are probably cancelled, with the possible premiere dates of American Bible Challenge, Skin Wars and It Takes a Church.

These upfronts will be announced Tuesday morning, March 18th.

Remember, when these shows are proposed in the upfront, that does not automatically mean they will make it to air. For example, in the 2012-13 upfronts, eight new series were proposed but only four made it to air. In the 2013-14 upfronts, including the later one, 13 new series were proposed but only three have made it to air thus far (while others are still in development or were, and fell apart).


  1. The Chase returns for a third season. Mind of a Man returns for a second season. Announcement of new series The Idiot Test.

  2. I hope there aren't any reality shows this year, though it wouldn't surprise me if there are.

    I have a feeling GSN will revive a game show that's currently on the schedule like they have the last few years. Though I don't know what show it would be.

    I hope The American Bible Challenge will finally get a premiere date, I've been starting to wonder if Season 3 will ever air.

    The last 2 years, there has been one show each year that has been a huge success for the network (The American Bible Challenge and The Chase) so I hope there will be another successful program this year.

  3. Yayyy for The Chase! Very glad to hear it's back! It's their best game show ever (and one of my favorites). :-)

  4. I am so happy to hear The Chase was renewed for Series 3. Of the recent crop of game shows (within the last 15 years), this one has to be my favorite (I also love the UK version as well). GSN has never had a better original quiz show (IMO). My only wish is that they gave it a larger episode order.

    I can't wait for the newest episode to arrive!