Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GSN Upfronts 2014-15: Big news, renewals and premiere dates

Today GSN released their upfronts for the 2014-15 television season. This will be broken down press release by press release for all five of them (yes, five):

GSN Greenlights Idiot Test and Adds New Programming

This is the third annual upfront. GSN has officially green-lit Idiot Test, where two pairs of contestants with a pre-existing rivalry will face off to see who is better and who is worse. Rapid fire questions and general knowledge questions are used. More ordered pilots here include App Wars and Say What? Other programs in development include The Tunnel, Heavy Betters, The Line and Star Crossed Lovers. More on these and predictions in another post.

GSN Renews The Chase for a third season consisting of 13 episodes

Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett are back for Season 3. No big surprises, and a very nice sized episode order. Auditions are being held in March and April throughout various cities. More on that in another post as well.

American Bible Challenge to have two-hour premiere Thursday, May 22nd

No surprise here, considering the on TV commercials. This third season will consist of nine new episodes which will air throughout the Summer, two of which on May 22nd from 8pm to 10pm (ET). From there on out, one new Bible episode will air per week effective May 29th.

It Takes a Church to premiere June 5th at 9pm Eastern after American Bible Challenge.

A perfect lead-out to American Bible Challenge. It Takes a Church will premiere immediately after a new episode of American Bible Challenge and this new series contains eight episodes. It Takes a Church is hosted by Natalie Grant.

Ben Gleib to host The Idiot Test

We'll really have to wait and see how this one goes. 40 episodes have been ordered, a rather large order and there is no anticipated premiere date. This will make it to air though.

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At GSN Upfronts in New York City: DeRay Davis (Mind of a Man), Rebecca Romijn (Skin Wars), Mark Labbett and Brooke Burns (The Chase) and Ben Gleib (Idiot Test). Courtesy of Fashion Week NYC


  1. Here's my thoughts on each thing announced.

    1) Idiot Test is based on an app, so it looks like GSN Games and GSN Programming are coliding.

    2) I'm glad The Chase is coming back, most likely in late Summer-early Fall.

    3) I don't think The American Bible Challenge is going to have a 2 hour premiere. According to the press release, it looks like it's going to be 2 new episodes.

    4) I'm glad It Takes a Church will air after The American Bible Challenge, though I would've started it May 29 instead of June 5. I really hope Harvey Feud doesn't stay in the 10pm hour and serve as the lead-out, because it might do better than ITAC and ultimately doom the series.

    5) Another no name host for another half-hour show with 40 episodes. Shows with 40 episodes have never lasted longer than 1 season on GSN, so I doubt The Idiot Test will do well.

    1. A lot of people have heard of Ben Gleib, more-so than DeRay Davis I would think. Anyway, the PR said half-hour episodes? That's still much more reasonable order than 40 hour-long episodes.

      American Bible Challenge on May 22nd is two one-hour long episodes. All episodes are 60 minutes.

    2. The PR doesn't actually say whether it's a half-hour or a full hour, but half-hour would make much more sense.

      If The American Bible Challenge is having 2 new episodes on its first night, then I calculate that the season finale will air July 10.

  2. Original comedy game shows have never done well on GSN. Puppets, Drew Carey, National Lampoon, Mind of a Man. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

    1. What comedy game show? Idiot Test? Ben Gleib, a comedian just hosts the show but The Idiot Test itself isn't too comical, I suppose

    2. The show is called the Idiot Test. It's designed to laugh at people answering questions incorrectly. You're correct, the show isn't going to be too comical, but it's supposed to be.

  3. DeRay's presence, all but confirms a second season of Mind...for GSN. Also, the fact the Apollo Ohno NOT being there (in the photo or any of the releases) at all, indicates cancellation for ..Win IT.

  4. We really enjoy the show call The Chase. We have a son who is mentally & Physically challenged. He just loves the new puppet of Mark Labbett on the commercials. Is there any chance that this puppet will become available in stores for purchase?. We sure would love to get our son one as a surprise.....

    1. Hi,

      These puppets that are seen are not on sale anywhere I know of. Please contact help@gsn.com for your request.