Friday, March 21, 2014

'American Bible Challenge' and 'It Takes a Church': How will they do?

According to Tuesday's GSN upfronts, American Bible Challenge will have a two-episode (total of two hour) premiere on Thursday, May 22nd from 8pm to 10pm ET. It Takes a Church will air Thursday, June 5th at 9pm ET after American Bible Challenge.

At this point, with no advanced schedules released by a variety of changes are expected by late May and early June, the game plan is American Bible Challenge will have two new episodes on May 22nd and one new episodes thereafter on May 29th through the middle of July. The lead-in and lead-out for this upcoming Thursday night block will presumably be Steve Harvey's Family Feud.

I would really think American Bible Challenge will not do as well as the first two premieres, at 1.7 million for the first season premiere, in August 2012, and 1.152 million for the second season premiere, in March 2013. From a far, season 3 of American Bible Challenge will fare more than respectfully, with some episodes above 700,000 viewers but not above a million. A million viewers is a little too much to ask for anyway.

Meanwhile, It Takes a Church, as a prediction, will fare better than most of us already think. This will grab the media's attention just like Bible did in 2012. New runs will reach above 500,000 viewers and make GSN order a second season.

More predictions and thoughts for more series including Say What?, Heavy Betters, The Tunnel and Idiot Test will come in the next few days, just like last year.


  1. I think The American Bible Challenge will get really high numbers since it hasn't been seen in a year. I don't know if it'll hit 7 figure numbers, but I could see the season premiere easily get at least 800k viewers.

    I hope It Takes a Church will do well, though if it doesn't, I'll blame Harvey Feud for being the lead-out as the reason.

    1. Lead-outs have nothing to do with shows before them and their ratings. You don't see episodes of Harvey Feud dropping before Mind of a Man.

    2. I think you misunderstood me. I was referring to the fact that Harvey Feud always does well in the ratings, and if It Takes a Church does not do well, I'll blameit on the fact that Harvey Feud got higher ratings at 10pm, assuming that happens.

  2. Bible Challenge will drop a lot, but still do well for GSN standards. Without knowing much about It Takes a Church, it is difficult to say, but I think your prediction is going to be about right. I don't know why you're wasting time discussing shows in development that may never air. But Idiot Test will be another failure for GSN, just like Mind of a Man, National Lampoon's Funny Money, Late Night Liars, Improvaganza, and every other comedy show GSN has ever done.