Thursday, March 20, 2014

Afternoon schedule predicitions: What will happen?

This week GSN unveils a partially new daytime lineup. At 12pm, the highly anticipated but short-lived GSN remake 1 vs. 100 with Carrie Ann Inaba will air alongside another highly anticipated but short-lived GSN remake of Lingo with Bill Engvall.

Both replaced Chuck Woolery's Lingo in January, which last two months in the noon hour after replacing Shop 'Til You Drop (which really only lasted six weeks and should have stayed in the first place), which Shop replaced Richard Karn's Family Feud, which was one of the best classic to modern transitions.

In the 5pm hour (ET), Bob Saget's 1 vs. 100 will take over an hour of Shop 'Til You Drop.

Predicitions: These changes will tank, though the later (Saget 1 vs. 100) will do worse than the first two (GSN 1 vs. 100 and Lingo). Hour-long game shows have never done so hot in the 5pm hour with the exception of NBC's Deal or No Deal, only because it was super popular to GSN at the time. In the past two years GSN tried 5th Grader and Minute to Win It (Fieri) which were short-lived or struggled.

Lingo and 1 vs. 100, both from 2010-11 are too modern from the noon hour. 1 vs. 100 will especially tank since it is too modern and there is no big audience to want Carrie Ann Inaba's version back on the schedule, especially in early daytime.

Replacements/what actually worked: For both, bring back Richard Karn's Family Feud. There's definitely a lack of it around the schedule, where its only appearances since January are on weekends. There's still an audience for Karn Feud and it's an "old reliable". I'm not one to say "put more Family Feud", even though there is enough of it. It just might work. Shows like Karn Feud, Shop 'Til You Drop and Chuck Woolery's Lingo are a much better fit, being from the early to mid 2000's and a better transition to John O'Hurley Feud, which has worked wonders to the 1pm hour weekdays.

I would try to predict the GSN schedule, but then again, no one saw Chain Reaction disappearing completely, replaced by Deal or No Deal and not Lingo (or some word association game) no less and Shop 'Til You Drop coming to the network.


  1. I really don't see Karn Feud coming back to the weekday schedule, especially noon, 4pm, or 5pm, since it did not do well in any of those timeslots last year. The only place I could see Karn Feud getting more air time is Monday nights.

    I say put Woolery Lingo back at noon and Chain Reaction back at 3pm. I don't know what could do well at 4pm and 5pm, other than maybe a new acquisition like Syndie 5th Grader or Vieria's Millionaire.

  2. Tammy Cox-BlockerMarch 20, 2014 at 6:11 PM

    I'd try Scrabble at noon and leave Lingo at 12:30, but it doesn't matter to me because WOW! dropped GSN nationwide.

  3. I say STYD moves into a morning slot. When it first made it's GSN debut I was shocked they put it in an afternoon slot surrounded by "newer" shows.

    I'd like to see GSN reacquire one of the many hour long shows they aired previously years ago. Weakest Link would be a nice fit at 4pm. They did that many many years ago.
    Give LINGO (Woolery) back the Noon hour.
    O'Hurley Final Season Feud full hour at 1pm.
    Have a full hour of Catch 21 at 2pm.
    DOND syndicated at 3pm.
    Chain Reaction at 3:30.
    Weakest Link at 4pm (NBC hour long episodes).
    Harvey Feud 5-7pm.

  4. i can possibly see the airtime of the classics being extended until 3pm/2c in which the range of modern/newer shows can air on GSN from 3pm/2c to 7pm/6c, i suggest it can succeed permanently.

  5. When STYD came, they were ready to see the 90's version. All it got was the 2000 version. So why didn't it click with viewers?

  6. You have got to be kidding about bringing Karn back. He absolutely stinks, and all he wants to do is DOUBLE or TRIPLE something. The newer 1 vs. 100 stinks, and that host is awful. So is Bill Engvall, and with his speech impediment, he's not fun to listen to.