Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The polls are in...

 Over the past few weeks here at GameShowNetworkNews we have conducted some thoughts on the sidebar at right on Mind of a Man, GSN programming and The Chase heavily. Here are the results:

"What is the best option for GSN to air against the Super Bowl?" (6 polled)
*"Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? from 2012" (4, 67%)
*"Dancing with the Stars from 2013" (2, 33%)
*"The Newlywed Game, which airs now" (0%)

Comment: Not surprised this. GSN should have never let go of 5th Grader.

"Could Mind of a Man work on another network? (not GSN)" (36 polled)
*"Absolutely" (4, 11%)
*"It's worth a shot, may or may not succeed" (14, 38%)
*"Never" (18, 50%)

Comment: Consider this: Most thought Mind of a Man rolled into GSN from MTV, VH1 or BET. Furthermore, I think it has a shot.
"Will Brooke Burns return to The Chase for a third season?" (38 polled)
*"Yes" (36, 94%)
*"No" (2, 6%)

Comment: I think she would. And for cheap. What else is she up to?

"Do you want Brooke Burns to return to The Chase for a third season?" (37 polled)
*"Yes" (36, 98%)
*"No" (1, 2%)

Comment: Anyone who likes the American version of The Chase should. She was a fan-favorite and a great host choice.

"Will Mark Labbett choose to return to The Chase for another season?" (39 polled)
*"Yes" (39, 100%)
*"No" (0%)

Comment: This is actually more questionable than not. He's very busy with the UK version. I would think Labbett would comeback to L.A. for another few days of filming but it's in fact a tossup.

"Do you want Mark Labbett to return to The Chase for another season?" (36 polled)
*"Yes" (35, 97%)
*"No" (1, 3%)

Comment: I think almost everyone would. He was very talent and had great chemistry with the contestants and Brooke Burns.

"Will The Chase Season 2 finale (2/4 8pm ET) reach another series high?" (38 polled)
*"Yes, over [at the time] 721,000 viewers" (29, 77%)
*"No, under [at the time] 721,000 viewers"  (9, 23%)

Comment: This was before The Chase hit 827,000 total viewers. The finale did come in second for a ratings' high. Anything above 400,000 viewers for a new run is renewal territory while anything above 500,000 viewers in outstanding, really.

"Based on ratings only, will GSN renew The Chase for a third season?" (39 polled)
*"Yes, with more than eight episodes" (31, 80%)
*"Yes, eight episodes for Season 3" (7, 18%)
*"No, The Chase is getting cancelled" (1, 2%)

Comment: Yes, they should. Period.
"How much have you watched Mind of a Man in the past seven days (DVR or Live)? (28 polled)
*"More than four episodes" (2, 7%)
*"2 to 4 episodes" (2, 7%)
*"1 episode" (7, 25%)
*"None at all" (17, 60%)

Comment: This is quite pathetic and with the more recent schedule changes for Mind of a Man, we know how GSN's audience likes (or dislikes) the show.
"What do you think of block scheduling shortened by an hour to 8-11pm (ET)?" (26 polled)
*"Smart" (19, 73%)
*"Not smart" (7, 27%)

Comment: Pretty smart, says most polled. Steve Harvey's Family Feud gives what actually counts in primetime (8-11pm) more numbers.

"What is the best timeslot for a new, once-a-week hour-long original?" (25 polled)
*"7pm (ET)" (7, 28%)
*"8pm (ET)" (11, 44%)
*"9pm (ET)" (3, 12%)
*"10pm (ET)" (4, 16%)

Comment: No clue why a lot polled went for the 7pm hour. If anything, the 8pm or 9pm is the smartest.

"Do you plan on watching Skin Wars on GSN This Summer?" (29 polled)
*"Yes all eight episodes" (0%)
*"An episode or two" (4, 13%)
*"Not at all" (25, 87%)

Comment: Very pathetic. No one here will watch the series, while by a 5 to 1 margin, no one will watch at all. Neither will I.

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