Thursday, February 6, 2014

Report: 'The Chase' Season 3 stalled; 'Mind of a Man' not leaving schedule; No word on classic status

A few things to top off some GSN news mid-week involving The Chase, Mind of a Man, Skin Wars and pre-1990's status.

The Chase is definitely getting a third season, which we have seen from improving ratings over the second season and this latest batch of episodes versus the first season. Apparently, there have been "continuous deliberations" with "contract/number of episodes/traveling". Not quite sure what to make out of this since I've only heard vague details but maybe GSN is ordering a larger amount of episodes while Mark cannot commit since he works on the UK version as well. I cannot see why Mark Labbett or Brooke Burns would not return. They both seem to like the mass success of the show.

Mind of a Man is not going anywhere. Apparently, Mind of a Man is tracking "Huge DVR ratings (for GSN standards)" and the 18-49 demos have been attractive. GSN over the past few weeks has already ejected Mind of a Man slots out of the schedule, including Sunday and Monday primetime plus some latenights.

As for every year, no word on classic leases or renewals until the end of March for April. It would be smart to guess renewals on Press Your Luck, Sale of the Century, Password Plus and Super Password. It would be cool if Hollywood Squares came April.


  1. The Chase will likely air its 3rd season later this year.

    GSN has DVR ratings? Do you think you could post those ratings so we can see what viewers really like to watch?

    I'm hoping GSN will refresh the classics lineup like they did last year. Hollywood Squares would be nice, but I'm not sure which one they would get if they chose to do so (the Peter Marshall and John Davidson versions are owned by MGM and the Tom Bergeron version is owned by CBS). I personally wish classics would get extended up until 3pm, though I highly doubt that will happen.

    1. GSN does have DVR ratings but I've never seen them or have access to those numbers.

  2. I was worried that Season 3 of The Chase would come later than this summer, and that's what it looks like. I'm letting Mind of a Man take its toll and if it works, that's okay with me. If it doesn't work out, that's okay with me. I would love a new classic. I would appreciate if the 1pm hour weekdays was filled with either a pre-90s classic, or early 2000s pre-modern show like a Russian Roulette or Friend or Foe. I don't mind O'Hurleys Feud, it's just that I'd rather have something I would want to tune into more.

  3. "It would be cool if Hollywood Squares came April"

    Imagine if it did and it replaces the Match Game hour at 8am.
    Fan Bois and Girls will be up in arms, especially if it's the H2 edition and not the 98 version.

    Personally, I would like to see Match Game 98. It did decent ratings in that marathon a long time ago.... Plus, STYD, another late 90s/early 00s show is doing decent.

  4. In your pic it looks like Mark is totally pissed off at Mind of a Man taking up his space. Good placement!!

  5. I love the Chase. It is the first new gameshow I have been passionate about in years. It obviously is a rare ratings success for the GSN, so they should order more episodes than the first two years and don't tinker with the format (unless they want to up the money just a little). 12-15 episodes makes more sense.

  6. i think a 50-100 episode lease of davidson squares is plausible