Thursday, February 13, 2014

GSN Ratings February 3-9, 2014: 'The Chase' Number 1; 'Mind of a Man' crashes

Ratings are in for the first full week of February courtesy of Douglas Pucci and while numbers were lower than the historic high in January, we know why: Mind of a Man, which consumed the bottom 8 of 14 slots, including the whole bottom three. Two of those bottom three slots appeared in Thursday night primetime (9pm ET hour), really weighing down the weekly average. The highest Mind of a Man airing came in 150th place (out of 251) with 256,000 viewers, while nearly to completely unadvertised daytime reruns of Lingo, Deal or No Deal, Press Your Luck and Dog Eat Dog pulled into the top 100 with 50,000 viewers or more above anything Mind of a Man did.

Otherwise, Steve Harvey's Family Feud took the top 5 of 7 slots while The Chase took 1st, Deal or No Deal took 5th and Catch 21 took 8th, 9th and 10th. The Pyramid (GSN) took 5 of the top 25 slots for the whole week. Family Feud consumed the top 57 of 100 slots.

Mind of a Man (airings):
Tuesday 3:00am: 117,000 viewers
Tuesday 3:30am: 87,000 viewers (1st lowest)
Wednesday 8:00pm: 256,000 viewers
Wednesday 8:30pm: 188,000 viewers
Wednesday 11:00pm: 159,000 viewers
Wednesday 11:30pm: 177,000 viewers
Wednesday 2:00am: 182,000 viewers
Wednesday 2:30am: 166,000 viewers
Thursday 9:00pm: 92,000 viewers (3rd lowest)
Thursday 9:30pm: 89,000 viewers (2nd lowest)
Friday 1:00am: 183,000 viewers
Friday 1:30am: 108,000 viewers
Saturday 12:00pm: 198,000 viewers
Saturday 12:30pm: 186,000 viewers
Saturday 8:00pm: 243,000 viewers
Saturday 8:30pm: 185,000 viewers
Saturday 12:00am: 173,000 viewers
Saturday 12:30am: 107,000 viewers
Sunday 1:00am: 140,000 viewers
Sunday 1:30am: 138,000 viewers
Average: 159,000 viewers

The Chase (airings):
Tuesday 5:00pm: 238,000 viewers
Tuesday 8:00pm: 818,000 viewers
Tuesday 9:00pm: 360,000 viewers
Tuesday 11:00pm: 363,000 viewers
Saturday 2:00pm: 317,000 viewers
Saturday 9:00pm: 156,000 viewers
Sunday 12:00pm: 286,000 viewers
Sunday 11:00pm: 162,000 viewers
Average: 338,000 viewers

Daytime and Dark
8:00am Match Game: 145K
8:30am Match Game: 199K
9:00am Blockbusters: 209K
9:30am Press Your Luck: 263K
10:00am Sale of the Century: 267K
10:30am $25,000 Pyramid: 244K
11:00am Super Password: 214K
11:30am $100,000 Pyramid: 188K
12:00pm Lingo: 194K
12:30pm Lingo: 306K
1:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 344K
1:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 427K
2:00pm Catch 21: 505K
2:30pm The Pyramid: 492K
3:00pm Deal or No Deal: 413K
4:00pm Shop 'Til You Drop: 365K
4:30pm Shop 'Til You Drop: 365K
5:00pm Shop 'Til You Drop: 283K
5:30pm Shop 'Til You Drop: 260K
6:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 371K
6:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 521K
7:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 419K
7:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 459K
11:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 362K
11:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 343K
12:00am Baggage: 296K
12:30am Baggage: 307K
1:00am Family Feud (Harvey): 254K
1:30am Family Feud (Harvey): 256K
2:00am Family Feud (Harvey): 249K
2:30am Family Feud (Harvey): 238K
3:00am Baggage: 189K
3:30am Baggage: 186K

Primetime (8-11pm, except Sunday)
Monday Family Feud (O'Hurley/Harvey): 502K
Tuesday The Chase/Family Feud (Harvey): 520K
Wednesday Mind of a Man/Family Feud (Harvey): 295K
Thursday Newlywed Game/Mind of a Man/Family Feud (Harvey): 219K
Friday 1 vs. 100/Minute to Win It (NBC): 257K
Saturday Mind of a Man/The Chase/1 vs. 100: 196K
Sunday Newlywed Game (7-11pm): 295K


  1. Good to see The Chase get the top slot again, I hope it doesn't lose its Tuesday 9pm slot, but knowing Amy Davis' addiction to Steve Harvey, that wouldn't surprise me.

    Mind of a Man needs to go, I don't care what excuse GSN comes up with, this show is terrible.

    Love Triangle had a 107k decrease from its Whammy lead-in, this is another terrible show that GSN needs to get rid of.

  2. New schedules are up on the blog with changes for Mind of a Man starting the week of February 24.

    1. First, thank you for posting these schedules.

      Glad to see Mind of a Man cutback. It really trashed Wednesday and Thursday nights in the ratings. I'm surprised Mind of a Man still has six airings on Saturday.

      THEORY: Maybe Mind of a Man did very badly last night (February 12th) and GSN reacted to it by changing Mind's slots. We do not know how last night's new run did but the most recent hour of new runs scored 256K and 188K, with other reruns trailing far, far off.

      Mind of a Man seemed like a really fantastic plot when first written in the 13-14 upfront, based on the success of Steve Harvey's Family Feud. GSN just took Mind of a Man the wrong way, based on Steve Harvey and his comedy on Family Feud. Period.