Tuesday, February 4, 2014

GSN announces judge and host for 'Skin Wars'

It's been a very dull five months for news about GSN's upcoming production Skin Wars, which seems to be making very slow progress. Today GSN announced RuPaul will judge the series and Rebecca Romijn will host Skin Wars. Skin Wars, a body art and tattoo reality based competition series is expected to premiere in Summer 2014 for eight episodes.

I really don't know what to think of this. Two strange names to a network who would much prefer to see John O'Hurley and Howie Mandel come to the network to host real game shows. This could easily still be one of the biggest reality failures of all time for GSN. It's not family friendly. It's disgusting.

GSN's newest attempt into the reality show realm, Skin Wars, features Rebecca Romijn and RuPaul. Alrighty then. (Chad Mosher, Twitter)


  1. GSN is making the same mistake they did with Mind of a Man, by getting a no name host. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If GSN airs a Harvey Feud marathon the day before this premieres, I'm gonna make a BIG YouTube rant video.

    1. Rebecca Romijn is not a no name host.
      She was married to John Stamos, best known from Full House.

      RuPaul on the other hand.... fits into GSN's target demographics.
      If people love watching Dee Baker dress in drag on STYD often (and he loves it), then the viewers will have no problem watching RuPaul.

  2. I think Game Show Network should've scrap Skin Wars completely before the show premieres. it[Skin Wars], Instant Recall, Family Trade, Naturally Stoned, Unstapled & Dancing with the Stars are indeed the worst reality attempts in GSN History.