Monday, February 10, 2014

A tribute to...

I've always wondered why GSN decided to pull this one on, and then off. GSN Live, which ran on the network from 2008 to 2011, which switched hosts throughout the years but towards the end stuck with Bob Guiney.

It was one of those live call-in shows that people liked to watch. Answering the questions were good and you could win a few hundred bucks from a correct trivial answer or solving a riddle. In case you did not know, GSN Live aired every weekday from 3pm to 6pm Eastern, but not consecutively. There would always be cut-ins between commercials of Chuck Woolery's Lingo, Richard Karn's Family Feud and Deal or No Deal.

Even though it was liked and there weren't too many complaints, I assume GSN thought GSN Live was not profitable anymore. Ratings did not really surge from 3 to 6pm when GSN Live aired, and the late day numbers stayed steady once GSN Live departed three summers ago. People just wanted to see the GSN shows without the cut-ins.

Bob Guiney has gone the way of Dylan Lane: Fallen off the face of the planet after their GSN stint.


  1. gsn live originally from noon until 3pm. Then became popular enough to air from noon to 6pm. Then it was finally cut to the 3-6pm slot.

  2. GSN Live was great at first and then it went downhill.
    Once Roggin left, things went south.