Thursday, January 23, 2014

'The Chase' and 'Mind of a Man' ratings coming soon (UPDATE: 'The Chase' series high again) (UPDATE: 'Mind of a Man', 'Press Your Luck' and 'Sale of the Century')

Until a further update after some ratings delays, Futon Critic is reporting that on Tuesday, January 21st, the GSN primetime lineup (8-11pm ET) averaged 531,000 total viewers for The Chase at 8pm & 9pm and Steve Harvey's Family Feud at 10pm. This is NOT the viewers for the new run of The Chase at 8pm, just the averaged from the whole night.

To put this in contrast, from the week of January 6-12, on Tuesday, January 7th GSN primetime averaged 450,000 total viewers from 8-11pm ET. This is when The Chase delivered a then-series high 620,000 total viewers. The Tuesday, January 14th totals have not been made available though The Chase that night delivered 666,000 total viewers, the highest rated episode yet.

Update: Douglas Pucci is now reporting that the latest new episode of The Chase this past Tuesday (January 21st; 8pm ET) hit 721,000 total viewers, up eight percent from last week's number which was also a series high then. This is the third week in a row The Chase has hit a series high.

The Chase also hit a record-high 196,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic for the 8pm new run.

The 9pm (ET) rerun of The Chase (episode from 1/14/14) scored 363,000 total viewers.

Other high rated shows on Tuesday, January 21st included Steve Harvey's Family Feud with 769,000 viewers at 6:30pm, 691,000 total viewers at 7:00pm and 674,000 total viewers at 7:30pm (which means The Chase rose seven percent from its lead-in). Deal or No Deal also scored 539,000 total viewers at 3pm (ET).

 Douglas Pucci on Twitter also reports new episodes of Mind of a Man (Wednesday 1/22) scored 362K total viewers at 8pm (ET) (with 130K in the 18-49 viewership) and 323K total viewers at 8:30pm (with 132K in the 18-49 demo). Mind of a Man in total viewers has risen 12 percent from last week.

Douglas Pucci also reports some morning numbers: For Press Your Luck, 331K on 1/21 and 348K on 1/22. For Sale of the Century, 364K on 1/21 and 309K on 1/22.


  1. I was suprise how Sale of the Century and Press Your Luck gain highs during the week of January 20th. Great for the Classics on Game Show Network.

  2. The Chase is a BIG HIT! Keep it coming, stop wasting time with Mind of a Man.