Monday, January 20, 2014

REPORT: 'American Bible Challenge' Season 3 launching earlier; in Spring 2014

A few insiders of the GSN production crew have informed me that The American Bible Challenge will launch in "Spring 2014" as opposed to "Summer 2014" like previously reported . 

Just by a complete guess, this probably will not be until around May, still. GSN plans to tie-in the third season of American Bible Challenge, which filmed in November with It Takes a Church which was officially green-lit in December.

There is still no official launch date, given that this American Bible Challenge season has been bounced around several times in the past nine months, give or take. At this point I would look for May 25/26 or so, depending what day of the week GSN wants to launch these two shows.

American Bible Challenge has been GSN's #1 rated original in the 20-year network history and its August 23, 2012 series premiere received 1.73 million viewers, the highest number of viewers of anything on Game Show Network ever.

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