Wednesday, January 8, 2014

'Mind of a Man' premieres tonight

Tonight we have a big GSN premiere that has nothing to do with The Chase. Game Show Network premieres Mind of a Man. The premise is two female contestants answer survey-based questions involving what men are really thinking. A panel of celebrities also helps out. Mind of a Man is hosted by DeRay Davis.

The good news about Mind of a Man is that is sounds like a mix of Family Feud, Let's Ask America, Match Game and has been deemed as "more entertaining than Baggage" by Hollywood Junket. The bad news is from what I've seen of the show is similarity to GSN failures Love Triangle and Drew Carey's ImprovaGanza, with too much chatter and humor that's not really that funny. This is one of those GSN "pleasing the crowd" shows, and by crowd, we mean anyone watching Steve Harvey's Family Feud which has been GSN's top rated show every week since May 2012.

Mind of a Man will not feature episode recaps here at GameShowNetworkNews like The Chase, American Bible Challenge and Minute to Win It do/did.

Mind of a Man premieres tonight at 8pm (ET) on GSN with four back to back new half-hour episodes. Prior to Mind of a Man, there are "New to GSN" episodes of the 2011-12 season of Steve Harvey's Family Feud from 7-8pm (ET).

Any ratings guesses? According to the poll on the side bar, all of you are guessing 300,000-some odd viewers or less, which is just around the GSN primetime average.

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