Thursday, January 9, 2014

'Mind of a Man' debuts fairly averaging 407,000 viewers through two-hour block

Source: Douglas Pucci

Last night Game Show Network presented new original Mind of a Man which averaged 407,000 viewers during its 8pm to 10pm block. Mind of a Man peaked at 8pm, the first episode with 497,000 viewers and the lowest rated episode was at 9pm, the third episode with 306,000 viewers.

This is the breakdown: At 8pm, Mind of a Man had 497K total viewers and 112K in the very valued 18-49 demographic. At 8:30pm, there were 449K total viewers and 144K in the 18-49 demo. At 9pm, there were 306K total viewers and 117K in the 18-49 demo. At 9:30pm, Mind of a Man had 377K total viewers and 128K in the 18-49 demo.

For the lead-ins to Mind of a Man, Steve Harvey's Family Feud (a "New to GSN" episode) had 571,000 total viewers, meaning the Mind of a Man premiere dropped thirteen percent from half hour to half hour. Steve Harvey's Family Feud at 6:30pm received 726,000 total viewers.

Opinion: A fair debut, better than most thought on the sidebar (only three voters thought Mind of a Man would average above 400,000 viewers, which it did but barely). Effective next week, Mind of a Man only airs in the 8pm hour which if it did for its premiere week would have averaged a much better 473,000 viewers, though I do not blame GSN for piling on two hours for the premiere which I think should be done with all primetime originals (American Bible Challenge, etc.)

The numbers that are great are the 18-49 demographic, which while the total viewers fell, the very important-for-GSN 18-49 demo stayed flat or rose. The concern is the fall in two ways, where from 8pm to 9pm (first to third episode) there was a 38% drop.

I was hoping for a success for Mind of a Man like this, but nothing spectacular to reach above the standards of The Chase which just reached a series high of 620,000 viewers. If Mind of a Man did reach an average of let's say 700,000 to 800,000 viewers, then The Chase looks weak and therefore would give The Chase a lesser chance of getting a Season 3 (which is already in the works for Fall 2014.) In its seven episodes of Season 2 (November through now), The Chase has averaged 484,000 viewers.

I'm happy with these numbers for Mind of a Man but will be very curious to see how the constant reruns will do.

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  1. I watched part of the 8:30pm episode and couldn't figure out who the celebs out.
    The jokes sucked too.