Monday, January 27, 2014

'It Takes a Church'

Natalie GrantIt Takes a Church, expected to premiere on GSN during the Summer to tie-in with the third season of American Bible Challenge has gotten mostly good general remarks as a "faith based dating show" and "The Bachelor but better". One site is ripping the format.

The article mentions It Takes a Church as taking attention away from church and religion and more towards Hollywood, which I disagree with. It Takes a Church will take place in a church, filmed anywhere in the United States no less, and be handled while using religious-based help to guide one contender to the other.

The article also shows similarity to the It Takes a Church idea and ABC's The Bachelor. I really don't see this at all now and by the time It Takes a Church hits there airwaves, you can most likely really not connect much between both The Bachelor and this GSN Bible tie-in.

GSN describes It Takes a Church on its website as a show that visits a congregation from around the country every episode to surprise one unsuspecting single with the news that they are about to be saved from the dating world. In the end, a donation will be made to the church.

To me, the description sounds absolutely nothing like The Bachelor and similar to American Bible Challenge with a "charitable donation".

Well, there was controversy over the idea of American Bible Challenge but we all know that turned out well.

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  1. I hope that commentator from Charisma News doesn't tune into STYD otherwise, they will think GSN is exposing and promoting homosexual behavior because Dee Baker dresses in drag almost all the time.