Wednesday, January 1, 2014

GSN schedules later into January/February: 'Mind of a Man' cutbacks

For those of you complaining about Mind of a Man overload, it looks like there's quite a cutback before it airs. Mind of a Man goes from 44 schedule appearances within its first week of existence. Then by January 27-February 2, 28 Mind of a Man total runs a week.

From GameShowFollies:

January 6-12, 2014
January 13-19, 2014
January 27-February 2

There is no schedule printed for January 20-26 at the moment.

Schedule Changes
January 13th: Mind of a Man reruns from 7-8pm; 12-1am; replacing Karn Feud and Baggage
January 13th: Steve Harvey's Feud airs at 10-11pm; replacing the O'Hurley version
January 14th: In late night, Mind of a Man reruns from 2 to 4am; replacing Family Feud and Baggage
January 15th: Steve Harvey's Family Feud airs in the 4pm hour; Mind of a Man reruns in the 5pm hour; replacing Shop 'Til You Drop and Richard Karn's Family Feud.
January 15th: Mind of a Man only has new runs from 8-9pm; "New to GSN" episodes of Steve Harvey's Family Feud (still 2011-12 season) from 7-8pm; other runs of Harvey Feud from 9-11pm Wednesday night
January 15th: Mind of a Man reruns from 11pm to 12am and 2 to 3am Wednesday night; replacing Steve Harvey's Family Feud.
January 16th and 17th: Shop 'Til You Drop resumes weekdays at 4pm
January 16th: Mind of a Man reruns at 9-10pm, no other reruns throughout the night
January 17th: Mind of a Man reruns at 7-8pm; 1 vs. 100 airs at 8pm; Minute to Win It (NBC) airs at 9-11pm; Mind of a Man reruns at 1-2am.
January 18th: Mind of a Man reruns from 12pm-1pm and 12am-1am.
January 19th: Mind of a Man reruns from 11am-12pm; 7-9pm; 1-2am.

To sum up the week of January 27-February 2, there are many similarities. Mind of a Man gets some cutbacks Tuesday late nights, only airs an hour on Wednesday nights for new runs and Shop 'Til You Drop returns Wednesday afternoons.

There will be no Super Bowl special programming, just the usual Family Feud trio, Mind of a Man and Newlywed Game from 3-11pm. 

All Times Eastern


  1. I'm glad Mind of a Man is getting some cutbacks, but it still has way too many timeslots, so hopefully it will get more cutbacks in February.

    I actually wish Mind of a Man had stayed in the Wednesday 9pm hour so the show would burn off faster, now it'll likely be around May when the show is finally over.

    I don't blame GSN for not having a marathon on Super Bowl day, due to the obvious failure of last year's marathon.

    1. What marathon did they air last year on Super Bowl Sunday?

      I like the cutbacks at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if it bombs, it will be relegated to a Friday Night slot.

    2. Last year on Super Bowl Sunday, GSN aired a Dancing with the Stars marathon.

      I hope Mind of a Man is a one-season flop, I hope it doesn't even keep a Friday night slot, since it has no tie-in with 1 vs. 100 or Minute to Win It.

  2. I have no earthly idea why they would take away Karn Feud on Monday nights, though, the only time they are currently airing his third season, or at least air it at 10:00-10:30 PM like they used to instead of putting Harvey Feud there. But maybe they'll go back to doing that. It may not be this way forever. I hope they NEVER axe Karn Feud from the schedule altogether! I love watching his episodes! I wish I could tell this to GSN themselves...

  3. You HAVE GOT TO BE kidding. Richard Karn Feud, and you LOVE watching his episodes? Wow. Karn is awful. He didn't change or improve at all from his first day until his last. All he cares about is doubling or tripling something!

  4. mind of a man dont need any cutbacks. if u dont like it. change the channel.

  5. mind of a man dont need any cutbacks. if u dont like it. change the channel.