Friday, January 3, 2014

GSN in 2014

Now that we're done with our 2013 overview, here are some rough predictions to what we can see ahead in 2014. Can't really tell the future, especially with a cable network like GSN.

I can already tell some topic trends will be Family Feud, American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church while I have a feeling Skin Wars and Mind of a Man won't be lasting that long.

This year is going to get a lot more Family Feud on the schedule, I can guarantee. Once GSN picks up the 2012-13 of the Steve Harvey-hosted edition (3rd Harvey hosted season; 14th of this version), GSN will probably see some of its highest rated Feud episodes yet and Steve Harvey's Family Feud will gain more late-afternoon (weekday) slots, along with Saturday and especially Sunday. This is the first season of Family Feud in high definition and a difference between previous Steve Harvey episodes. I think they'll be grabbing some attention.

American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church I could see faring well. It Takes a Church can't possibly cost that much money to produce. Both shows, with great ratings could generate revenue for GSN to add more variety/acquisitions to the schedule.

Maybe Minute to Win It (GSN), Lingo and Jeopardy! will make a comeback on the schedule. I can't really see much of a shake-up from 1 to 4pm weekdays, nothing much really happened in 2013 from 2 to 6pm with successful ratings besides Shop 'Til You Drop dropping in at the end.

I can easily see Love Triangle vanishing in the first quarter while 1 vs. 100 and Dog Eat Dog will fade off the schedule by year-end, as Richard Karn and John O'Hurley Family Feud will steepen in ratings and disappear off most of the schedule.

Even a potential 5th Grader or Deal or No Deal revival could be in the works. Just my guess.

I do have a feeling this year that something big will happen, whether it's a big acquisition like very modern runs of Wheel of Fortune or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? In 2012, the big deals were Dancing with the Stars and Steve Harvey's Family Feud while in 2013 GSN spent a lot of money on bringing The Chase to the United States.

Lastly, I feel like 2014 will deliver a solid, above average year of ratings in the first three quarters, but just from my prediction I believe GSN will see some of its lower primetime/total day averages in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Any predictions for what this year might bring?


  1. The American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church will hopefully do well together. Mind of a Man and Skin Wars will likely be the two flops of the year.

    Harvey Feud will likely get more slots once Mind of a Man is over, probably getting a number of its slots.

    I really don't see Ohno MTWI coming back to the schedule, but I do hope Lingo (both versions) and Jeopardy! will return to the schedule. I have a feeling another pre-1990 show will come along in April, while I have a feeling that Blockbusters and Password Plus will leave the schedule at that time. Love Triangle needs to go, here's what I predict the weekend morning schedule will look like in about 3-4 months.

    9:00am New classic acquisition
    9:30am Whammy!
    10:00am Lingo (Woolery)
    10:30am Jeopardy!

    Dog Eat Dog will likely leave the schedule in July while 1 vs. 100 will stick around through at least November, if not longer. Karn will likely be reduced to weekends only, while O'Hurley still gets good ratings in the 1pm hour and on Monday nights, so I say leave him there for now.

    For a revival, I think Press Your Luck would be the best, since it's currently leading that poll in the sidebar.

    I hope Wheel of Fortune will come to the schedule, preferably air Sunday nights from 6pm-11pm. I could see Vieria's Millionaire doing well in the Tuesday night block, as well as on weekends.

  2. Here are my full bold 2014 predictions for GSN...

    Skin Wars will fade quickly once after it debuts

    Love Triangle will get knock out of the Schedule

    It Takes a Church and American Bible Challenge can pair together very well

    The Chase and Ohno MTWI may return with a new season respectively at some point(unless if Skin Wars doesnt air)

    3rd Season of Harvey Feud expecting to debut along with Vieira Millionaire

    Chain Reaction(Lane) and The Pyramid(GSN) will get completely overshadowed in favor of the special GSN 20th Anniversary marathons/blocks whereas the classics will get their own marathon/blocks* while the GSN originals & modern shows have their indivdual marathon/blocks**

    *= List of Classics featured in the GSN 20th Anniversary all classic marathon/blocks:
    Match Game[1973-82 incarnation]
    The Price Is Right[Barker 70s/80s/early 90s]
    20K/25K/100K Pyramid[Clark]
    Wheel of Fortune[Sajak pre-1998]
    Jeopardy[Trebek pre-2000]
    Love Connection[Woolery]
    Family Feud[Dawson/Combs]
    Sale of the Century[80s]
    Press Your Luck
    Password Plus
    Super Password
    Card Sharks[Perry/Eubanks]
    Hollywood Squares[70s]
    Jokers Wild[Barry/Cullen]
    Tic Tac Dough[Martindale]
    Lets Make a Deal[70s/80s]
    To Tell the Truth[60s/70s/80s]
    Whats My Line[60s/70s]
    Ive Got a Secret[60s/70s]
    Dating Game[70s SYN]
    Newlywed Game[70s SYN]
    Beat the Clock[70s]
    New acquired classics(see below)

    **= List of GSN orignals and Modern shows featured in the GSN 20th Anniversary all modern marathon/blocks:
    Family Feud[Karn/O' Hurley/Harvey]
    Minute To Win It[NBC/GSN]
    The Chase[USA]
    American Bible Challenge
    Whammy: The All New Press Your Luck
    Million Dollar Password
    Bingo America
    1 vs 100[Saget/Inaba]
    Deal or No Deal[NBC]
    Catch 21
    Newlywed Game[Shepherd]
    Hollywood Showdown
    Hollywood Squares[Bergeron]
    Who Wants to be a Millionaire[Regis/Vieria]
    Jeopardy[21st Century]
    Weakest Link[Robinson/Gray]
    That's the Question
    Russian Roulette
    Friend or Foe
    Are You Smarter than the 5th Grader
    Mind of a Man
    It Takes a Church

    A Deal or No Deal revival could maybe possibly developed & in the works anytime during the most of this year

    Additonal Classic Acquistions would may aired on GSN[New classics like80s Lingo, Starcade, Sports Challenge and Classic Concentraiton or many other classics that GSN has aired before w/ different episodes]

    I can see GSN gain massive major boost with a full fledged mix of benfitable, profitable & improvment in 2014 with the aide of other companies who controls game shows that way there possibly will be GSN's 25th anniversary in 2019.

    1. Also, Shop till You Drop could possibly revived in the works if the DonD revial no schedule to happening on GSN.

      Double Dare[Trebek], Trivia Trap and Now You See It[70s] can be a part of special marathon/blocks also in honor of GSN's 20th Birthday.

      Syndi 5th Grader expecting to debut

      Mind of a Man should rest from a overload in March/April in favor of Hollywood Squares[Marshall]

    2. Also, Baggage could be a part of all modern block/marathons in honor of GSN 20th birthday, too

  3. i think that gsn will lease the rest of 1987 and 1988 episodes of $25k pyramid come april and 1987-88 episodes of super password will be leased!! i can also see supermarket sweep being the next acquisition!!

  4. They should rename the channel the Family Feud network. It mystifies me at the ratings that show gets when it is shown over and over again. Interesting enough, they show it so much that I basically have boycotted the Family Feud. I would like to see that show old reruns of the Gong Show once a week. My prediction is they realize they have a rare winner with The Chase. That show is great and they need to lengthen the season to around 12-15 new episodes per season.

  5. The Gong Show takes extreme difficulty for GSN to acquire, or else it would be on the schedule or may have been in the past half decade or so.