Friday, January 24, 2014

GSN: "All we can say is, THANK YOU GSNers!!"

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Those were the exact words from GSN's Twitter page earlier today expanding on 2013 with their highest rated year ever. Earlier this month we reported about a press release GSN sent out. This is all due to the successes of Minute to Win It, the second season of American Bible Challenge, The Chase and the acquired Steve Harvey's Family Feud.

Notice how GSN does not include Family Trade.

GSN is pointing to their 2014 successes of Mind of a Man, Skin Wars, It Takes a Church and the third season of American Bible Challenge. I'm sure Bible will be a hit again, feeling hopeful for It Takes a Church but not sure what to expect since it is labeled "reality". Mind of a Man and Skin Wars I'm definitely feeling iffy about.

Still, best of luck to GSN in 2014 of course! I'm gambling big on lots more of The Chase and Steve Harvey's Family Feud later on.

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