Thursday, January 2, 2014

December averages

Based on a previous entry which included just one week of ratings back in November, from the first three weeks in December (one, two, three; without all the holiday marathon scheduling), here is how all GSN programs ranked during those three weeks.

Chain Reaction: 418,000 viewers [416K; 391K; 447K]
Catch 21: 354,000 viewers [345K; 365K; 351K]
Family Feud (all): 292,000 viewers [280K; 309K; 287K]
     Family Feud (Karn): 223,000 viewers [241K; 205K; 223K]
     Family Feud (O'Hurley): 278,000 viewers [281K; 282K; 270K]
     Family Feud (Harvey): 317,000 viewers [297K; 347K; 308K]The Newlywed Game: 283,000 viewers [294K; 275K; 280K]
The Pyramid (GSN): 272,000 viewers [276K; 265K; 276K]
1 vs. 100: 267,000 viewers [266K; 263K; 271K]
The Chase: 256,000 viewers [242K; 289K; 237K]
Shop 'Til You Drop: 232,000 viewers [230K; 235K; 232K]
Whammy!: 228,000 viewers [287K; 216K; 181K]
Dog Eat Dog: 225,000 viewers [226K; 253K; 197K]
Minute to Win It (Fieri): 216,000 viewers [203K; 158K; 286K]
Baggage: 206,000 viewers [167K; 207K; 244K]
Press Your Luck: 188,000 viewers [177K; 199K; 189K] (Tied-highest rated pre-1990's)
The $25,000 Pyramid: 188,000 viewers [206K; 182K; 176K] (Tied-highest rated pre-1990's)
Super Password:185,000 viewers [183K; 182K; 191K]
Sale of the Century: 185,000 viewers [177K; 194K; 183K]
The $100,000 Pyramid: 173,000 viewers [166K; 188K; 164K]
Love Triangle: 158,000 viewers [216K; 124K; 135K]
Match Game: 146,000 viewers [143K; 149K; 146K]
Blockbusters: 144,000 viewers [141K; 155K; 137K]
Password Plus: 124,000 viewers [135K; 138K; 98K]

Source: SonoftheBronx


  1. Chain Reaction and Catch 21 are still averaging higher than Mr. Rerun! I hope this is a sign of things to come!

    Love Triangle continues to bomb, as I expected. I don't care if it has a tie-in with Mind of a Man, this show needs to go.

  2. High ratings for Press Your Luck?!
    You know what that means. More NEW to GSN episodes might be coming later on this year!

    1. Nope.
      It means they will rerun those episodes into the ground until the ratings drop,

      At that point, they will get more NEW episodes or just reacquire those seen early in 2013.

    2. Press Your Luck ratings may seem high for the morning lineup but are weak in comparison to the rest of the schedule. Of course I hope the classics stay around but I have a feeling an A.M. schedule overall is coming in the next year or two.