Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Advanced schedules February 3-9

Casey Abell over at GameShowFollies forwarded some more advanced schedules onto his blog last night. The newest schedule was for February 3-9 and also the week of January 20-26 has been added while missing when they rest of January was there.

After Tuesday, January 14th, there is a Mind of a Man cutback where effective Wednesday, January 15th Mind of a Man only has one hour of new runs per week, down from two meaning less episodes to float around in reruns.

No special marathons, acquisitions or surprise changes or schedule shuffling into the first week of February. Here are all the schedules again:

January 13-19
January 20-26
January 27-February 2
February 3-9

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  1. It looks like The Chase has a new episode on 2/4 - episode #2009. I thought they only ordered 8 episodes??