Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 averages Christmas Eve & Christmas marathon ratings

Courtesy of SonoftheBronx (Douglas Pucci), for the week of December 23-29 here are the holiday marathon ratings for Deal or No Deal, The Chase and Game Show Moments Gone Bananas.

Deal or No Deal (NBC) (Christmas Eve 8am-6pm): 286,000 viewers [8am-1pm average: 181K; 1pm-6pm average: 392K] [Peak: 4:00pm with 463,000 viewers, 18th highest for whole week]
Game Show Moments Gone Bananas (Christmas 1pm-6pm): 387,000 viewers [Peak: 579,000 viewers at 5pm, 8th highest for the whole week]
The Chase (Christmas 6pm-12am): 402,000 viewers [Peak: 478,000 viewers at 6pm; Lowest: 352,000 viewers at 10pm]

Full daytime and primetime averages will be available early Friday.

In addition, GSN had a higher rated year overall with the primetime/daytime average, with 2013 earning 356K/274K (primetime/total day) versus 326K/242K in 2012. 

Most of the dips in 2012 were due to Dancing with the Stars in the first quarter and in the fourth quarter post-American Bible Challenge, a lack of variety, simply dullness by then. 2012 saw high success with the acquisitions of Family Feud (Harvey), 5th Grader and Minute to Win It

2013 has seen the most success with Steve Harvey's Family Feud and to the much lesser (in comparison to Harvey and previous years, Richard Karn and John O'Hurley Family Feud) and the continuous success of 5th Grader through December. GSN also saw success in 2013 with new originals The Chase, American Bible Challenge and Minute to Win It.

Quarter 1 2013: 361K/282K
Quarter 2 2013: 382K/275K
Quarter 3 2013: 363K/277K
Quarter 4 2013: 314K/259K


  1. Game Show Moments gone Bananas at 5pm did better than the 4pm episode and the 6pm Chase and beyond.

    A clipshow over 500k viewers on a holiday. Simply Amazing.

  2. Deal or No Deal did really well, especially 4pm. I think Deal or No Deal would be a good show to put in the 4pm hour if Shop 'Til You Drop doesn't improve.