Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Your Christmas marathon is.... (UPDATED)

Yesterday we reported that NBC's Deal or No Deal will have a 10-hour daytime marathon on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Day marathon will be Game Show Moments Gone Bananas from 1-6pm (ET) and The Chase starting 6pm (ET) Wednesday night.

Update: GSN will air a season 1 marathon of The Chase from 6pm to Midnight on Christmas.

A normal morning schedule will run on Christmas Day from 8am-1pm (ET).

Update: The Chase will also be a rerun Tuesday, December 24th 8pm-10pm (ET).

Last year's marathon on Christmas Eve and Christmas included NBC's Minute to Win It and Match Game.


  1. I'll admit I was not expecting this, apparently GSN has had the rights to Game Show Moments Gone Bananas since April-May, but with only 5 episodes I can see why they haven't aired it since June.

    Well, so much for a Press Your Luck 30th Anniversary marathon. There's still a possibility that it could occur on New Years Eve, but I think a Pyramid 40th Anniversary marathon would make more sense for that day. Though I'm not gonna get my hopes up for either one of them.

  2. Interesting. I don't think even but one person would've predicted this.