Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving marathon numbers

Courtesy of SonoftheBronx, here are the holiday marathon ratings for Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th:

Thursday (averages)
Family Feud (Dawson) 8-9am: 135K
Family Feud (Combs) 9-10am: 103K
Family Feud (Anderson) 10-11am: 144K
Family Feud (Karn) 11am-12pm: 161K
Family Feud (O'Hurley) 12-1pm: 171K
Family Feud (Roker) 1pm: 276K
Family Feud (average) 8am-2pm: 165K
Family Feud (Harvey) 2pm-8pm: 238K [Peak: 352K (3:30pm); Lowest: 120K (5pm)]

Friday (averages)
Sale of the Century 8am-12pm: 151K [Peak: 211K (10am); Lowest: 78K (8am)]
Family Feud (Harvey) 12pm-12am: 478K [Peak: 605K (9pm); Lowest: 226K (12pm)]

1 comment:

  1. Dawson, Combs, and Anderson rated pretty low, I guess we won't be seeing any of them back on the schedule anytime soon, if ever.

    Celebrity Feud did pretty decent, though I don't see that coming to the regular schedule, since there are only 7 episodes of it. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if GSN revived Celebrity Feud as a GSN original, since they love Feud so much.I could see this happening with 40 half-hour or hour long shows, and since GSN desperately wants to have reality programming, they'd probably get reality TV celebrities. I really wouldn't want Harvey to host this, so I'd probably get someone like Ron White or Larry the Cable Guy to host, since they live in Atlanta where Feud is taped. I could see this becoming a success for GSN, though they'd probably rerun it too many times.