Thursday, December 5, 2013

Starting numbers for 'Blockbusters', 'STYD' and 'Sale of the Century' syndicated

Douglas Pucci on Twitter reports the following from Monday, December 2nd and Tuesday, December 3rd:

At 9am, Blockbusters scored 159,000 viewers on Monday and 121,000 viewers on Tuesday. This is notably down from runs of Super Password

At 4pm, Shop 'Til You Drop saw 269,000 viewers on Monday and 356,000 viewers on Tuesday. At 4:30pm, Shop 'Til You Drop saw 268,000 viewers on Monday and 272,000 viewers on Tuesday. Averages for all four episodes are 291,000 viewers, slightly down from Family Feud.

At 10am, Sale of the Century (New to GSN syndicated runs) had 183,000 viewers and 149,000 viewers on Monday and Tuesday.

All Times Eastern


  1. 140k is a decent start for Blockbusters, I say give it some time and it will get up to where Super Password was.

    Sale of the Century continues to do well, hopefully it will stay this way and maybe GSN could acquire Scrabble next year.

    Shop til You Drop will likely improve in the coming weeks, not sure how it's doing in the noon hour, but as long as Feud doesn't go back there(unless it's Dawson or Combs), then I'm happy.

  2. Blockbusters did about what Super Password was doing toward the end. As history has shown, you gotta give them at least a month before the numbers start to settle in.

  3. I also hope GSN picks up in 2014:
    Supermarket Sweep
    Classic Concentration

  4. Please PLEASE let GSN pick up Classic Concentration!