Sunday, December 22, 2013

'Shop 'Til You Drop' and 'Blockbusters': How they are faring

Recently GSN added new acquisitions of pre-1990's "Classic" game show Blockbusters with Bill Cullen and "New to GSN" episodes of Shop 'Til You Drop from 2000. Here are how their ratings are stacking up:

At 9am weekdays (Weekly average):
Super Password: 162K (November 18-22)
Super Password: 136K (November 25-27)
Blockbusters: 141K (December 2-6)
Blockbusters: 155K (December 9-13)

Some nice numbers for Blockbusters, definitely a "missed classic" for most fans who have not seen Blockbusters on GSN since 2009. Equal numbers to Super Password but still rising.

At 4pm & 4:30pm weekdays (Hour average):
Family Feud (Karn): 362K (November 18-22)
Family Feud (Karn): 443K (November 25-27)
Shop 'Til You Drop: 285K (December 2-6)
Shop 'Til You Drop: 265K (December 9-13)

Yikes! Shop 'Til You Drop doesn't seem to be working out as hot as GSN may have thought. Some reasoning behind this is the fact that Shop is very unfamiliar to most GSN viewers who normally tune to Chain Reaction and Family Feud that time of day.

At 5pm & 5:30pm weekdays (Hour average):
Family Feud (O'Hurley): 308K (November 18-22)
Family Feud (O'Hurley): 321K (November 25-27)
Family Feud (Karn): 205K (December 2-6)
Family Feud (Karn): 184K (December 9-13)

I'm actually surprised Richard Karn's decade-old Family Feud has not worked out during this part of the day and after Shop 'Til You Drop, from the same time era. I have a strane feeling Minute to Win It may fill this slot someday soon.

At 12pm & 12:30pm weekdays (Hour average):
Family Feud (Karn): 217K (November 18-22)
Family Feud (Karn): 200K (November 25-27)
Shop 'Til You Drop: 162K (December 3-6)
Shop 'Til You Drop: 195K (December 9-13)

Not as strong as Family Feud but at least Shop here isn't hurting John O'Hurley Family Feud at 1pm by the glimpses I've seen. Not bad numbers here though the 4pm hour shows a little more concern.

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Sources: SonoftheBronx

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  1. Blockbusters is doing well, I figured it would.

    Shop til You Drop is not doing very well right now, my guess is that come March-April it will lose the 4pm hour but keep the noon hour.

    Karn Feud isn't doing well on the weekday schedule, if MTWI were to take that slot back, it would probably be the Fieri version, since the Ohno version never did well anywhere on the schedule.