Friday, December 13, 2013

New Years Eve and New Years marathons

Casey Abell has posted the latest schedules at GameShowFollies. There are no other schedule changes the week of Christmas and New Years but I'm hearing you can expect changes the week of January 6th and 13th.

December 30-January 5.

Tuesday 12/31 8am-6pm (ET): The $25,000 Pyramid/The $100,000 Pyramid (with Dick Clark)
Tuesday 12/31 6pm-12am (ET): The Chase Season 2 marathon (No new episodes)
Tuesday 12/31 12am-4am (ET): Baggage
Wednesday 1/1 8am-6pm (ET): Baggage

Here is a sum up of the rest of the marathons on December 22, 24 & 25:

Sunday 12/22 1pm-3pm (ET): American Bible Challenge Season 2 premiere & Finale
Tuesday 12/24 8am-6pm (ET): Deal or No Deal (NBC)
Wednesday 12/25 1pm-6pm (ET): Game Show Moments Gone Bananas
Wednesday 12/25 6pm-12am (ET): The Chase Season 1 marathon

Basically to sum up this year's marathons, they're not that great. We have old rating-getters (Baggage, Deal or No Deal), things we've seen already in 2013 (American Bible Challenge, The Chase, Game Show Moments Gone Bananas) and exact episodes of shows we see every morning (The $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid). I guess it's better than nothing but last year looks like game show glory compared to this.


  1. That change coming in January is probably just a bunch of slots for Mind of a Man, so I wouldn't expect much if anything from that.

    This year's marathons are stale compared to last year. I cannot stand Baggage, so I won't be watching GSN that day at all. Well, my grandmother really likes $25k Pyramid, so she'll probably enjoy New Years Eve.

    The pdf's aren't working on my phone, are What's My Line and I've Got a Secret leaving the schedule the week of December 30th?

  2. What's My Line and I've Got a Secret do drop off the schedule effective December 30th.

  3. Well this stinks! Baggage not only gets a marathon, but it gets the dreaded 3am hour back. My BIG YouTube rant video is very close to getting green-lit.