Friday, December 13, 2013

Natalie Grant hosted GSN's 'It Takes a Church' pilot

This may seem like old news to a very few of you but really hasn't been reported anywhere so here it is. Grammy nominee and multi Dove Award winner Natalie Grant has hosted the pilot of GSN's It Takes a Church back in October. It Takes a Church was originally proposed by GSN back in April and has had work done since. GSN is obviously trying to give this church-based dating show a chance with its obvious tie-in with American Bible Challenge, GSN's #1 original, which its third season is expected to premiere around June 2014.

It Takes a Church Photo 1 (Instagram)
It Takes a Church Photo 2 (Instagram)

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  1. I hope this gets green-lit, though I'm starting to think that the delay of this show is the reason The American Bible Challenge won't premiere until Summer, because GSN probably wants these 2 programs to air back-to-back.