Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'Mind of a Man': More rumored celebrities

Embedded image permalinkSome casual and steady GSN viewers may ask themselves who some of these people are in the "Celebrity Panel" on GSN's upcoming production of Mind of a Man. Remember, just because you do not know them does not mean they are not "celebrities". Though there is no official press release, here is what has been confirmed from various others:

*Ariana Grande who is an actress and singer appearing on Broadway and on successful Nickelodeon series Victorious.
*Loni Love who is currently one of the hosts on the talk show The Real who is also a comedian
*Mo Mandel, a stand-up comedian who reguarly appears on Chelsea Lately
*Toccara Jones, a finalist on America's Next Top Model and a current actress and singer.
*Leonard Robinson from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, also a comedian
*Gary Owen, showcased on Comic View on BET and has debuted in movies including Daddy Day Care, Little Man and College.
*Nicole Byer, an African-American comedian known well from MTV skits
*Alex Thomas, comedian

More celebrities to be listed when available. Celebrity panels rotate and a different every episode, though there are not forty different panels.

Mind of a Man premieres Wednesday, January 8th at 8pm Eastern on Game Show Network.

Meanwhile, make sure to follow Mind of a Man on Twitter. Its followers are looking tiny compared to The Chase's page.

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  1. No one seems to mention Gary Owens ties to early Gong Show. I think he's still in radio and does voice over for Antenna TV.