Wednesday, December 18, 2013

January 6-12, 2014 changes

Casey Abell at GameShowFollies has uploaded the advanced schedule from GSN for January 6-12, 2014, the week Mind of a Man premieres. Here are the changes:

*The Chase returns in new runs at 8pm on Tuesday, January 7th and the rerun remains at 9pm. Same-night rerun of the new episode airs at 11pm but Baggage takes back the midnight slot where another episode of The Chase used to rerun.
*Mind of a Man will air 8-10pm in new runs on Wednesday night, rerunning from 11pm-1am later Wednesday
*Mind of a Man reruns Thursday night at 9-10pm; replacing The Newlywed Game.
*Mind of a Man reruns Thursday night at 11pm-12am; replacing Family Feud.
*On Friday night, Mind of a Man will rerun from 7-8pm; 10-11pm and 1-2am; replacing 1 vs. 100, Minute to Win It and Family Feud
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air Friday nights 9-10pm; replacing Minute to Win It.
*Mind of a Man reruns 12-1pm on Saturday; replacing The Newlywed Game.
*On Saturday night, Mind of a Man will rerun from 8-9pm and 12-1am; replacing The Chase and The Newlywed Game
*Mind of a Man will rerun Sunday at 12-1pm; 7-9pm and 1-2am; replacing The Chase, The Newlywed Game and 1 vs. 100/Love Triangle
*On Sunday night, The Chase will now air at 11pm and 1 vs. 100 at 12am

Mind of a Man will air 34 times this first week, but I'm sure will be lightened no matter how good or bad ratings are throughout the rest of January.

All Times Eastern


  1. Since Mind of a Man will be 4 new episodes a night, that hopefully means this show will only last 10 weeks.

    I'm still not gonna watch Thursday nights until The American Bible Challenge season 3 premieres.

    I was finally starting to watch Friday nights again, but now I will once again boycott that night.

    I'm glad to see sherriwed losing some slots, since I've never been a fan of that show.

    Love Triangle finally loses its late-night slot, hopefully it will lose its 10:30am slot soon.

    Mind of a Man is getting way too many timeslots. 34? Only Mr. Rerun has more than that.

    This show is rated TV-14, so it gets an instant thumbs down from me.

    IMO: Mind of a Man = Bad move GSN.

  2. When the ratings are bad, watch the schedule change immediately. GSN thinks the show will be a hit. We've heard this before, haven't we?

  3. Hey Scott,
    I don't know if you're on Facebook or if you follow The Chase usa on Facebook, but whoever posts on their "leaked" an iOS U.S. version of the The Chase game for the iPhones and iPads. Technically they didn't tell us straight up, but it's pretty obvious. Figure I'd share that with you, I'll have more later, there's supposed to be a second surprise, probably the 3rd season announcement.

    1. That game has been in the works for a while, but thanks for letting me know.

    2. Alright, the app's available in the iTunes store, so check that off the list.