Monday, December 30, 2013

GSN in 2013 Part 4: Original Production

While 2012 set new highs with originals including American Bible Challenge's 1.73 million, there were also some good originals in 2013. Here's the list of 2013 premieres:

*American Bible Challenge (Season 2)
*Family Trade
*The Chase (Season 1 and 2)
*Minute to Win It

In 2012, GSN produced four originals (The Newlywed Game (Season 6), American Bible Challenge, Beat the Chefs, The Pyramid), in which only one of those was renewed for an additional season. It's quite obvious which one that was.

In 2011, GSN produced five originals (Newlywed Game (Season 5), Baggage (Season 3), Lingo, Love Triangle, Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza) and only The Newlywed Game made an additional season.

It's not that hard to rule out the good, bad and ugly of the Game Show Network production reel in 2013. The good/great was The Chase and American Bible Challenge, which both deserve an A. The bad was Apolo Ohno-hosted Minute to Win It, where GSN ordered a substantial 40 hour-long episodes, the biggest episode order for a Season 1 show in network history. GSN's Minute remake gets a C+, mainly for similarity to the NBC version, fair hosting choice and far too many episodes for one season. Family Trade gets a D-, only not an F due to the fact that I still think it's some of the better reality GSN has produced and could have sold on another network.

My whole grade for GSN Originals in 2013 is a B-

Originals currently in production, green-lit and set to air for 2014 are American Bible Challenge (Season 3); It Takes a Church, Mind of a Man and Skin Wars, while The Impostor has had casting problems but is most likely to get green-lit on the upfront reel, more than any other proposed original. The Chase (Season 3) is also potentially on the way.

Tomorrow (December 31st) is Part 5 of 5: GSN Overall in 2013

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  1. The American Bible Challenge and The Chase are by far the two best originals GSN has right now, hopefully Season 3 of each program will come along soon and continue to be a hit. Minute to Win It never did well, I'm starting to think those remaining 10-12 episodes will remain unbroadcast and Season 2 won't happen. Family Trade never would've worked on GSN, but I think it would've done well if it were on another network like History Channel or A&E.

    I hope the combination of The American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church do well whenever they premiere, GSN will have to set a premiere date eventually.
    I'm not confident in Mind of a Man at all, and Skin Wars will likely be the worst GSN original of 2014. The Imposter does not sound promising to me, so I hope GSN will not produce that show.