Saturday, December 28, 2013

GSN in 2013 Part 2: High Ratings

Courtesy of SonoftheBronx, here are the top 100 highest rated shows and airings of 2013. There are 100 listings below though there are several ties. American Bible Challenge takes first place and the top 7 of 11 slots and makes 9 total appearances in the top 100 (all new episodes). 5th Grader makes five appearances in the top 100. Steve Harvey's Family Feud consumes 86 of the top 100 airings of 2013, all with over 600,000 viewers, around twice GSN's primetime average.

80 of these 100 slots took place from January through June 2013, while the other 20 were from the second half of 2013.

This list does not include the weeks of December 16-22, 2013, December 23-29, 2013 and December 30 & 31, 2013.

1)American Bible Challenge Thursday, March 21st 9:00PM: 1.152 million
2)Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Sunday, May 5th 9:00PM: 999K
3)American Bible Challenge Thursday, May 23rd 9:00PM: 960K
4)American Bible Challenge Thursday, April 4th 9:00PM: 877K
5)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, August 15th 11:30PM: 797K
6)American Bible Challenge Thursday, April 18th 9:00PM: 775K
7)American Bible Challenge Thursday, March 28th 9:00PM: 774K
8)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, April 10th 9:30PM: 770K
9)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 22nd 9:30PM: 769K
10)American Bible Challenge Thursday, May 2nd 9:00PM: 767K
11)American Bible Challenge Thursday, April 11th 9:00PM: 759K
12)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, March 21st 8:30PM: 747K
13)Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Sunday, July 7th 9:00PM: 731K
14)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 9th 10:30PM: 729K
15)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, August 15th 11:00PM: 727K
16)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 3rd 7:30PM: 724K
17)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, January 2nd 9:00PM: 721K
18)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, March 13th 9:30PM: 720K
19)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 23rd 8:30PM: 718K
20)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, April 24th 9:30PM: 717K
21)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 29th 10:00PM: 714K
22)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 26th 9:30PM: 712K
23)Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Sunday, April 28th 9:00PM: 709K
24)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 29th 9:30PM: 706K
25)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 29th 9:00PM: 698K
26)American Bible Challenge Thursday, April 25th 9:00PM: 694K
27)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, August 15th 10:30PM: 693K
28)American Bible Challenge Thursday, May 9th 9:00PM: 692K
29)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 2nd 8:00PM: 690K
29)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 2nd 8:30PM: 690K
30)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 15th 9:30PM: 683K
31)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 8th 10:00PM: 681K
32)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 29th 10:30PM: 676K
33)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, April 11th 11:30PM: 671K
34)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 26th 11:30PM: 670K
34)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 5th 9:30PM: 670K
35)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, March 25th 6:30PM: 669K
36)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, April 24th 8:30PM: 663K
37)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, April 24th 9:00PM: 662K
38)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, September 4th 9:30PM: 661K
39)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, August 14th 8:30PM: 657K
40)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, August 28th 9:30PM: 656K
41)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, April 10th 9:00PM: 655K
42)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 26th 9:00PM: 651K
42)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, March 11th 8:00PM: 651K
43)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, March 13th 9:00PM: 648K
44)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 26th 10:00PM: 647K
44)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, January 2nd 8:30PM: 647K
45)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, March 28th 8:30PM: 646K
46)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, March 7th 10:30PM: 644K
47)Family Feud (Harvey) Sunday, February 17th 5:30PM: 642K
47)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, March 11th 8:30PM: 642K
47)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 26th 10:30PM: 642K
48)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 17th 9:30PM: 641K
48)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 22nd 9:00PM: 641K
49)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, April 17th 9:30PM: 639K
50)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 15th 6:30PM: 638K
51)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, April 10th 8:30PM: 637K
52)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, March 11th 7:30PM: 635K
52)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, January 21st 6:30PM: 635K
52)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 19th 9:30PM: 635K
52)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, August 8th 10:30PM: 635K
53)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, September 25th 10:30PM: 632K
54)Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Sunday, August 4th 9:00PM: 631K
55)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, March 20th 9:00PM: 630K
55)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 5th 8:30PM: 630K
56)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, April 4th 10:30PM: 629K
56)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 1st 10:30PM: 629K
56)Family Feud (Harvey)  Thursday, June 13th 6:30PM: 629K
57)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, August 14th 9:30PM: 627K
58)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 9th 11:00PM: 626K
59)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 24th 11:00PM: 623K
60)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 3rd 9:00PM: 621K
61)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 3rd 8:30PM: 619K
62)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, March 21st 8:00PM: 618K
62)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, January 10th 10:30PM: 618K
63)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, March 18th 6:00PM: 617K
63)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 10th 9:30PM: 617K
63)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 8th 10:30PM: 617K
64)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 2nd 10:30PM: 616K
64)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 1st 10:00PM: 616K
65)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 24th 10:30PM: 614K
65)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 23rd 8:00PM: 614K
66)Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Sunday, May 5th 8:00PM: 613K
67)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, May 2nd 10:00PM: 612K
68)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, September 11th 9:30PM: 611K
69)Family Feud (Harvey) Thursday, April 18th 8:30PM: 610K
69)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 1st 9:00PM: 610K
70)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, May 8th 9:30PM: 609K
70)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, February 25th 6:30PM: 609K
71)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 17th 10:00PM: 608K
72)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, February 18th 6:30PM: 607K
73)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, July 24th 11:30PM: 605K
73)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, January 2nd 9:30PM: 605K
73)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, January 2nd 11:30PM: 605K
74)Family Feud (Harvey) Sunday, February 24th 5:30PM: 604K
75)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, May 27th 6:30PM: 603K
75)Family Feud (Harvey) Wednesday, June 26th 11:00PM: 603K
76)Family Feud (Harvey) Saturday, November 23rd 7:30PM: 602K
76)Family Feud (Harvey) Monday, November 4th 6:30PM: 602K

My grade for GSN in ratings this year: Though the full year averages are not out, the first three quarters averaged strong with success of The Chase, American Bible Challenge and Family Feud, putting GSN in the top 40 cable networks overall. Ratings get an A+ on my watch for the second year in a row. 2012 and 2013 saw ratings highs thanks to one little Steve Harvey-hosted game show after a very lackluster 2011. This is the second year in a row that GSN saw a show over a million viewers two years in a row, something that has never happened before in network history.

Part 3 of 5 (Tomorrow, December 29th): Acquisitions of 2013


  1. The American Bible Challenge was the highest rated program of the 2013, hopefully that will remain the same in 2014.

    Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader was doing so well in the ratings, I have no idea why GSN took that off the schedule. Hopefully GSN will either re-acquire it, or acquire Syndie 5th Grader in 2014.

    Harvey Feud is basically the flagship program of GSN, so of course it's going to get a majority of the ratings. I really hope it will get a cutback in 2014.

    1. GSN Took 5th Grader off the schedule because they had the lease for two years and they failed to renew it.

    2. 5th Grader was doing so well in the ratings, GSN should've renewed the lease for it. No idea why they didn't.