Saturday, December 7, 2013

Buzzerblog dead?

This is one story we've been following for some time now. Buzzerblog, what used to be is no more, at the moment.

Once again, no one has officially said anything but consider this: It has been nearly four weeks since the last post referring to Hollywood Game Night (which has now been moved from December 2nd to December 23rd). Let alone, it has been more than three weeks since the last Twitter post (Friday, November 16th) (One Tweet on December 5th about Jeopardy!). There has only been one post on Facebook since the last on November 16th.

Buzzerblog is run by Alex Davis, who is a self-claimed insider for all game shows, including Family Feud, Jeopardy!, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Let's ask America, The Chase and others. Davis is no where to be seen, not making any posts about anything.

To be completely honest, not that I'm usually not, I hope everything is fine in the life of Alex Davis, who created Buzzerblog a decade or so ago (there was before the current site). To clarify, I've had my bickers with Davis whether here or at GameShowForum, but I mean him no harm whatsoever. But, this absence has gone beyond the "I have a life" excuse he used a little while back.

What used to be the biggest game show blog with "23,000 pageviews a day" has a very good chance of shredding some audience.

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