Saturday, December 21, 2013

'American Bible Challenge': "Major changes" for Season 3

Some GSN sources and American Bible Challenge on Facebook has been hinting towards "many but not major changes" for the third season of American Bible Challenge, a show that has produced 800,000 to 900,000 viewers per episode on average in Fall 2012 (Season 1) and Spring 2013 (Season 2). The third season filmed back in November though the new episodes will not come along until the Summer of 2014, for the tie-in with It Takes a Church.

The choir, Kirk Franklin and Jeff Foxworthy will be there for sure, but there have been changes. There have been a few babbles about the reduction of stunts, though the third season of American Bible Challenge will "still stick to their roots of where they came from", meaning where they started their success.

Furthermore, there is not too much information to be given out due to the audience signing contract to not reveal much of anything and definitely not the winners. The $100,000 grand prize is still offered to the Season 3 champions.

Meanwhile, watch the American Bible Challenge marathon on Game Show Network on Sunday, December 22nd from 1pm to 3pm (ET). Episodes shown will be the Season 2 premiere and finale.


  1. The American Bible Challenge should stick to Bible trivia and not use stunts, which I believe was done by GSN as a cheesy hidden promotion for Minute to Win It (Ohno) which failed miserably. I truly believe that the stunts are why the show got lower ratings in its second season, not the choir as most people think.

  2. The choir was shown in Season 1 and 2. Only Season 2 added Kirk Franklin