Thursday, November 7, 2013

Two Years of Block Scheduling

GSN introduces Million Dollar Mondays and Flashback FridaysIt was two years ago today that block scheduling started, a completely revised look on the primetime schedule after such dullness. The main reason for block scheduling to start was a lack of primetine variety and a Deal or No Deal cutback. Though, the first few months of block scheduling did see Deal or No Deal (Thursday) as the highest rated night until Family Feud came along on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Here's a quick wrap up of the past two years. Thoughts?

1)November/December 2011: "Million Dollar Mondays": Million Dollar Password, Power of 10, 1 vs 100 (Saget), Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Philbin) and Deal or No Deal
2)Late December 2011/January 2012: "Money Mondays" (GSN Originals). Week 1: Lingo (Engvall); Week 2: Chain Reaction; Week 3: Whammy!; Week 4: Lingo (Woolery); Week 5: Lingo (Engvall)
3)January 23, 2012-Present: Richard Karn and John O'Hurley Family Feud (consistent since January 2012, minus Beat The Chefs in late November 2012 (8-10pm) and Chain Reaction in Mid July 2012 (8-10pm))

1)November 2011-July 2012: The Newlywed Game (Shepherd)
2)July 24, 2012-March 2013: Minute to Win It (Fieri)
3)March/April 2013: Minute to Win It (Fieri)/Family Trade/Family Feud (Harvey)
4)Late April-June 2013: Minute to Win It (Fieri)
5)Late June-July 2013: Minute to Win It (Ohno)/Family Feud (Harvey)
6)August 2013-October 2013: The Chase/Minute to Win It (Ohno)/Family Feud (Harvey)
7)November 2013-Present: The Chase/1 vs 100 (Saget)

1)November 2011-March 2012: Baggage
2)March 2012-Present: Family Feud (Harvey)

1)November 2011-June 2012: Deal or No Deal 
2)July 2012: Catch 21
3)Early August 2012: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
4)August 23, 2012-September 13, 2012: American Bible Challenge/Beat the Chefs/Family Feud (Harvey)
5)September 20,2012-October 18, 2012: American Bible Challenge/The Pyramid/Family Feud (Harvey)
6)October 25, 2012-March 2013: Newlywed Game/Family Feud (Harvey)
7)March 21, 2013-May 23, 2013: American Bible Challenge/Family Feud (Harvey)
8)May 2013-present: Newlywed Game/Family Feud (Harvey)

1)November-December 2011: "Flashback Friday": Match Game, The $25,000 Pyramid, Card Sharks, Family Feud (Dawson) and The $100,000 Pyramid
2)Late December 2011-January 2012: The $100,000 Pyramid
3)January-March 2012: Dancing with the Stars
4)Rest of March 2012: The $100,000 Pyramid
5)April-August 2012: The $25,000 Pyramid
6)September-October 2012: Minute to Win It (Fieri)/The Pyramid (GSN)
7)November 2012-January 2013: Minute to Win It (Fieri)/Improv-a-Ganza
8)January 2013-June 2013: Minute to Win It (Fieri)/Baggage
9)June-July 2013: Minute to Win It (Ohno)/Baggage
10)July 2013: Chain Reaction/Minute to Win It (Ohno)
11)August 2013: Minute to Win It (Ohno)/Baggage/The Chase
12)September-October 2013: Baggage
13)November 2013-Present: 1 vs 100/Minute to Win It (Fieri)

1)November 2011-January 2012: Family Feud (Karn/O'Hurley)
2)January-April 2012: Dancing with the Stars
3)April 2012-June 2013: Family Feud (Karn/O'Hurley)
4)June 2013: Family Feud (Karn/O'Hurley/Harvey)
5)June-July 2013: Family Feud (Harvey)/Minute to Win It (Ohno)
6)August 2013: Family Feud (Harvey)/The Chase/Minute to Win It (Ohno)
7)September-October 2013: Family Feud (Harvey)/Minute to Win It (Ohno)
8)November 2013-Present: Family Feud (Harvey)/Dog Eat Dog/The Chase

1)November 2011-September 2013: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader ('Bible' reruns Fall 2012 & Spring 2013)
2)September-October 2013: Minute to Win It (Ohno)
3)November 2013-Present: Minute to Win It (Ohno); 1 vs 100 (Saget); The Chase

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  1. My thoughts on the history of block scheduling.

    *I thought Million Dollar Mondays was a good idea, but there are only two Million Dollar game shows left on GSN(1 vs. 100 and Minute to Win It) so I don't see this coming back. Then again, this is the current Friday night schedule, so it could work.
    *Money Mondays added some variety to the schedule, so I wouldn't mind this coming back.
    *Karn and O'Hurley for the last year and a half has stale written all over it, hopefully this will change someday.

    *I can't stand Sherri, so I'm glad to see this out of Tuesdays.
    *Acquiring MTWI was a good call, even though it faded over time.
    *Family Trade was doomed from the start, I think we're all glad to see this gone.
    *Ohno MTWI was never a real ratings winner, but it wasn't disastrous.
    *The Chase was by far the best new GSN original of 2013, hopefully the ratings will pick up and a season 3 will exist next year.
    *1 vs. 100 was a good call IMO, hopefully ratings will pick up soon.

    *Baggage disgusts me, so I never watched it.
    *Harvey might be a partial owner of Neilsen Ratings, but his jokes and humor disgust me, so I haven't watched Wednesday nights in over 2 years.

    *Deal or No Deal was doing pretty well in the ratings, I wouldn't mind if GSN reacquired it and put it back here.
    *Catch 21 only lasted a month here, I'm guessing it wasn't doing well in the ratings
    *5th Grader was IMO the best idea GSN had for Thursday nights, I wonder why GSN didn't leave it on Thursday nights as the lead in to American Bible Challenge, with the Foxworthy tie in, or even put WinTuition here with the educational tie in.
    *The American Bible Challenge is, along with Lingo, my all-time favorite GSN original, mainly because I'm a Christian, but I really like the gameplay as well. Hopefully season 3 does well and will get a season 4.
    *Beat the Chefs was never gonna work, it's now a long lost memory.
    *I can't stand Steve or Sherri, so I haven't watched Thursday nights since May.

    *Flashback Fridays was a great idea and I hope this will return soon.
    *DWTS was a bad idea all along, this couldn't have worked no matter what GSN did.
    *25k/100k Pyramid was a nice touch, but I think its overexposure is what doomed The Pyramid from doing well.
    *The Pyramid was too recent to go here, so it didn't work.
    *MTWI has been here for a while, and probably for at least a few more months.
    *Improv a Ganza was a really weird idea, I don't know why GSN put it here.
    *Baggage disgusts me, so I didn't watch this.
    *Chain Reaction didn't really do much here, despite it doing really well in the 3pm hour.
    *1 vs. 100 will hopefully do well, starting this week.

    *Karn and O'Hurley were here for a really long time, I about a year and a half.
    *DWTS couldn't have worked no matter what GSN did.
    *Harvey has gotten some of its #1 slots of the week here lately, despite me not watching it.
    *MTWI never did well here, so I don't see that coming back.
    *The Chase does okay here, but nothing spectacular.
    *Dog Eat Dog probably won't do well here, hopefully it won't last long.

    *5th Grader was the perfect show for Sunday nights, with a number of kids probably watching this to prepare for the school week ahead. I think WinTuition would've done well in the 10pm and 11pm hours, and possibly could've led to it getting more slots on the schedule, as it has an educational tie in with 5th Grader.
    *MTWI has never done well here, so hopefully it will leave soon.
    *1 vs. 100 will hopefully do well here, and encourage GSN to reacquire more Million Dollar game shows such as Deal or No Deal, Power of 10, or Million Dollar Password.

    Kind of lengthy, but these are my thoughts.