Monday, November 25, 2013

"Two versus One-Hundred"

Mind of a Man is coming around to the network soon but GSN is taking a different approach to advertising this female-based quizzer.
In a few GSN promos lately, GSN has advertised "Two women trying to guess what one-hundred men are thinking". Since the beginning, Mind of a Man has sounded very familiar to Family Feud, with some Baggage and Match Game (celebrity panel) mixed in.

The "Two versus One-Hundred" concept also reminds any typical game show fans about 1 vs 100, which GSN just happened to bring back to the network recently. Originally, 1 vs 100 was only a tie-in with The Chase though it seems like 1 vs 100 could be a vague tie-in with Mind of a Man. In Mind of a Man, there are not one-hundred men in the studio but somewhere GSN polled one-hundred men. Just thought it was something notable.

Mind of a Man is hosted by comedian DeRay Davis and premieres Wednesday, January 8th on Game Show Network.

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