Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two quick news flashes

Two very quick stories that occurred this week and are notable and pertaining to GSN:

GSN has sent out a full press release regarding their acquisition of Shop 'Til You Drop. Though we know it is hosted by Pat Finn, the press release does not mention which version, whether the 1991-94 run, the 1996-98 run or the 2000-02 run, the last with Pat Finn. The press release only mentions "aired on various networks from 1991-2005 with nearly 1,000 episodes produced."

GSN, in gaming news is also dealing with some legal issues. GSN was ready to pay up $160 Million for Bash Gaming, though there was a last minute switch. Looks like GSN has a lot of money to pay out when it comes to gaming, which is their real cash cow.


  1. I noticed something interesting about the press release. Dee Bradley Baker was credited as co-host, which he only was for the final season of the Family Channel run and the first 2 seasons of the PAX run, so sense the PDF's list the series as starting with episode ''001'', that all but confirms we're getting the PAX run(which began in 2000 and ended in 2002). I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me.

    It also mentioned that it will be airing at 4:00pm and 4:30pm, so that little bit of promotion might boost the ratings a little bit, as well as solidify its timeslots. Chain Reaction as the lead-in will also be a big help, if they would just promote it during Chain Reaction(and throughout the day), then I could see this becoming a big success.

  2. I already assumed, even before that, GSN would have picked up the most recent Pat Finn version. It would make the most sense, nearly the same year as Karn Feud, give or take.

    Shop 'Til You Drop already got a press release, therefore I assume some network promtion. Plus, it gets a semi-important timeslot.

  3. Yeah, the 90s version wouldn't make much sense in the 4pm hour, although it's a little older than Karn Feud, it should still work.

    I'm hopeful for a promotion, though I'm wondering if the noon hour repeats will do better or worse than the 4pm hour.

  4. The Karn hour at 4pm hasn't been lighting up the world like it used to be, say 2009-11, so GSN shouldn't have too much too loose.

  5. GSN really doesn't have anything to lose by removing some of Feud's 118(I think I counted that right) timeslots.

  6. Now:

    O'Hurley: 18

  7. Now: 28+26+64=118


    Good to see Feud drop below 100 airings, I hope that number will continue to drop throughout 2014.

  8. I wouldn't expect Shop Til You Drop to last too long. It will likely suffer low ratings especially from younger viewers. Why would GSN waste their money on this?