Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tonight: Watch 'The Chase'

GSN will air The Chase with Brooke Burns (host) and Mark Labbett ("The Beast/Chaser") tonight at 8pm (ET) through 10pm (ET). The new episode will air first at 8pm Eastern, then you can catch another episode of The Chase at 9pm. So far, The Chase had received 453,000 and 433,000 new viewers for its first two episodes on November 5th and November 12th.

The Chase is an Americanized rapid-fire quizzer in which a team of contestants can win tens of thousands of dollars if they can outsmart Mark Labbett, The Beast.

In addition we are following upcoming news on future episode status of The Chase. Stay tuned to GameShowNetworkNews for updates some today (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday).

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