Monday, November 11, 2013

'The Chase': Rated what??

The Chase
While doing some web browsing this past weekend, an article about the second season of The Chase prompting more "X-Rated" questions for The Chase.

Well, the first season of The Chase (which had a six-episode run during the late Summer on the GSN) had a few of these not-so-G-Rated questions.

Whatever GSN has tried with The Chase is still nothing compared to what occurred on such GSN programs Baggage, the fifth season of The Newlywed Game and the later version of Lingo, there is the occasional "dirty" question which actually leads to a clean, respectable and logical answer.

The Chase has a good ten episode run which will continue through the winter on the Game Show Network. The first episode premiered Tuesday with 453,000 viewers.

Observation: From just about every news blog that has reported on The Chase has said that this GSN original is great and remains loyal to the British version. GSN just wishes the ratings would come in here in American like they do across the pond.

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  1. Someone at GSN things being dirty will help get younger ratings. It doesn't work.