Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'The Chase' premieres tonight

What else can I say besides another reminder. The Chase is on tonight. Forget Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, forget The Biggest Loser, forget NBA Basketball and anything what-not. Game show fans: This is it. GSN's rapid-fire, fast-paced quizzer returns tonight. Brooke Burns returns as host while Mark Labbett returns as The Beast yet again. A team of three contestants can win tens of thousands of dollars if they are smart enough to beat "The Beast."

Based on the predictions averaged out, The Chase will recieve around 523,000 viewers tonight at 8pm.

The Chase airs at 8pm Eastern, reruns at 11pm Eastern. Another run of The Chase will not be shown until Saturday.


  1. My predictions for tonight
    The Chase 523k
    1 vs.100 423k

  2. I'll say under 500,000. No one really knows it's on.