Thursday, November 7, 2013

'The Chase' down from Season 1 premiere (UPDATED)

Source: Son of the Bronx/Douglas Pucci Twitter

Last night, November 5th, GSN premiered the second season of The Chase which recieved 453,000 total viewers. This is down 7% from the double-run first season premiere which had an average of 486,000 viewers (511K and 461K).

In the 18-49 demographic, The Chase had 113,000 viewers.

This raises GSN's primetime average which is typically around 300,000 to 350,000 viewers. A pretty good number but nothing spectacular.

In edition, The Chase episode recaps will be available for the first episode starting this weekend, just like from the first season.

Update (Thursday): 1 vs 100 scored 303,000 total viewers and 69K in the 18-49 demographic. This is a 33% drop from The Chase.


  1. The ratings are still good by GSN standards, but this makes me wonder if ratings will dip under 400k during the middle of the season. I also wonder how 1 vs. 100 did, I'm gonna guess 353k, still good numbers, but it could've done better.

  2. Our predictions were way too high :(

    These are numbers to accept for now but new runs dropping below 400K is not a good sign.

    The chance of The Chase getting a third season right now is looking slim.

  3. 1 vs. 100 did worse than I thought it would, still acceptable numbers, but not great.

  4. Anything that goes up against The Voice or Dancing with the Stars can crush GSN's numbers. Very similar demographics.

  5. If Voice and DWTS keep airing on the same nights as GSN originals, then I could see every current original ending their runs next year. If this becomes a trend among originals, then I wouldn't be surprised to see more "Less originals, more Mr. Rerun" throughout the schedule. I hope that's not the case, but it wouldn't surprise me.

  6. Dancing with the Stars: Mondays 8-10pm, ABC

    The Voice: Mondays 8-10pm, always; Tuesday 9-10pm, always (through 11pm for finale); Thursday 8-9pm only tonight.

    It's really only Monday that's affected. Just 1 vs 100 might be a little down

  7. If Monday is the only night affected, then I'm wondering if GSN is keeping Feud there for a reason. I would still like to see a new acquisition that night, but I'm not gonna hold my breath over it. Maybe 1 vs. 100 will improve in the coming weeks as well as its other timeslots.