Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend marathons

Thanks to Casey Abell at GameShowFollies, he has uploaded the advanced schedules for the week of Thanksgiving. The marathons will include the following:

Tuesday, November 26th
*The first three episodes of The Chase Season 2 (8pm-11pm, repeated from 11pm-2am). There will not be a new episode

Thursday, November 28th
*All versions of Family Feud (8am-2pm): By hour: Dawson, Combs, Anderson, Karn, O'Hurley and the Roker Celebrity edition in the 1pm hour.
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud (2pm to 8pm)

Friday, November 29th
*Syndicated Sale of The Century with Jim Perry (8am-12pm)
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud (12pm-12am)

In addition for the weeks of November 11-17 and November 18-24, 1 vs 100 does drop from Tuesday nights and is replaced by The Chase. The Chase will air in new runs at 8pm (ET) but a rerun from the previous week at 9pm (ET). 1 vs 100 will keep its remaining Friday, Saturday and Sunday slots at this moment.


  1. Don't know why The Chase is getting no new episodes that week, but if that means no Harvey at 10pm, I'll take it.

    Good to see Dawson and Combs back, even if its just one day. Anderson and Roker make their GSN debut, surprised it took them this long though. Sale of the Century will finally have fresh episodes, I wonder if the syndicated version will be on the weekday schedule now, I guess well have to wait and see.

    2 Harvey Feud marathons in just 2 days? This is unacceptable, I cannot and will not watch 18 hours of this trash GSN likes to pretend is an original. This alone might force me to make a BIG YouTube rant video, and I'm serious.

    Well, at least 1 vs. 100 isn't leaving the schedule. Hopefully the Christmas and New Years marathons won't have 16 hours of trash, the rest of the marathons are fine to me. I'm still hopeful for a Press Your Luck marathon on Christmas day and a Pyramid marathon on New Years eve. I would suggest an American Bible Challenge marathon on Christmas eve and a marathon of The Chase on New Years day, and NO 16+ hours of Harvey Feud.

  2. Correction, 18+ hours instead of 16+ hours. See what you did GSN, you got me so mad you made me mess up.