Saturday, November 16, 2013

Schedule change ratings analysis: November 4-10

Analyzing the schedule changes involving The Chase, 1 vs 100, The Pyramid and Minute to Win It (Fieri):

*The Chase averaged 270,000 viewers in its seven airings, including the new run which received 453,000 viewers. 270K would normally be reasonably bad but this is considering the whole schedule average for this week was 248,000 viewers. Therefore, The Chase did decent around the schedule and rose from most lead-ins.

*1 vs 100 averaged a pessimistic 239,000 viewers, much lower than most expected considering its tie-in with The Chase.

*On Saturday night, Dog Eat Dog scored 218,000 viewers, down 60% from it's Steve Harvey Family Feud lead-in of 550,000 viewers. Also on Saturday night, 1 vs 100 had 209,000 viewers, a 31% drop from The Chase the hour before, with 302,000 viewers.

*On Saturday afternoon, 1 vs 100 rose 9% from The Newlywed Game (262,000 viewers versus 240,000 viewers)

*On Sunday morning, The Pyramid aired in its new 11am (ET) timeslot and averaged a very lackluster 148,000 viewers though rose from Love Triangle which had 101,000 viewers. Whammy! also performed much poorer than usual, prompting worse numbers. The Chase at noon had a significant rise, with 187,000 viewers.

*Minute to Win It (NBC) averaged 285,000 viewers from 9-11pm, a decent Friday number which improved from 1 vs 100 from 7-9pm (scored 250,000 viewers) though notably lower than Baggage.

All Times Eastern


  1. The Chase needs to improve if it wants a 3rd season, though even if it doesn't get another season, I think it will survive in weekend reruns, at least for a while.

    1 vs. 100 isn't doing as well as I hoped it would, though the numbers are still acceptable and isn't bombing. Hopefully it will improve over time.

    The Pyramid would do better on Sunday mornings if Woolery Lingo, Russian Roulette, or Chain Reaction were at 10:30am.

    Minute to Win It did decent on Friday night, just give it some time and it will improve, along with 1 vs. 100.

  2. Password Plus/Whammy! did very poorly that specfic morning, averaging a tad above 100,000 viewers 9-11am. The Pyramid rose from that.

  3. If weekend mornings are doing poorly, then I think giving the 8am hour to programming and a little change would improve the ratings. Here's a weekend schedule I just came up with while thinking about this. All times eastern.

    8:00am Match Game
    8:30am Password Plus
    9:00am Press Your Luck
    9:30am Whammy!
    10:00am Russian Roulette
    10:30am Lingo (Woolery)
    11:00am Chain Reaction
    11:30am The Pyramid

    I think this would improve ratings, and add a little variety to weekends.