Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Report: GSN seeking high interest in 'The Chase' Season 3

We've been following this one since early yesterday but here it is. It's only been two weeks since Season 2 of The Chase launched but GSN is already anticipating a third season. At this point on GSN's website, a notice has gone out for Season 3 Casting. In addition, GameShowNetworkNews has retrieved the news that the network is planning 6 to 10 additional hour-long episodes for late 2014, with casting not until the Spring. The Chase has not had (or we're not anticipating) renewal publicly yet but a GSN source has confirmed elevated focus on future developments of The Chase, where GSN has killed off shows like Baggage and Catch 21 after fine ratings but lack of interest. We thank reader Scott C. for pointing out the casting notice on the webpage for The Chase under "Become a Contestant". More to come.


  1. Will they ever consider a new season of Chain Reaction? Seems like a no brainer, just get a host with a pulse and you got ratings gold.

  2. If GSN isn't going to cast until the Spring, then it looks like GSN's focus will shift back to The American Bible Challenge within the next month or two, then their focus will shift back to The Chase once The American Bible Challenge's 3rd season is complete.

    Baggage lost interest in late 2011-early 2012, which is why it's only seen in late-nights now. Same with Catch 21, it might still be getting good 2pm ratings, but it didn't do well in primetime, which is probably why it only lasted 2 weeks on Thursday nights last summer.

    I'd like to see a Chain Reaction revival as much as the next person, but it didn't do well in primetime this summer, despite it doing really well in the 3pm hour. So unless GSN would air first-run originals in the afternoon, then their better off showing the same episodes they've shown for the past 6-7 years.

    1. Good point. When you own a show that's been rerun 50 times your cost per ep has to be REALLY low. If they did a new version I was thinking maybe a revival for the early evening 5pm to 6pm area might work. Something like they did w/ most eps of Catch 21.

  3. There have been commercials running on gsn inviting people to audition for the shows. Featured in the ad is Apollo Ohno (minute to win it) Sherri Shepard (the nre newlywed game) Jeff Foxworthy (American Bible Challenge) and, of course Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett-dancing!

  4. The Chase is pretty much the only current game show I've watched in a long time. I liked the game Chain Reaction, but couldn't stand the contestants' lack of skill!