Sunday, November 24, 2013

Report: Alonzo Bodden and Syndey Castillo in 'Celebrity Panel' for GSN's 'Mind of a Man'

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Castillo on left; Bodden on far right; Davis (host) in middle
Not many rumors have floated about this one but we're looking for some confirmation here. Comedians Alonzo Bodden and Sydney Castillo will take part in the celebrity panel for GSN's Mind of a Man, which premieres on Wednesday, January 8th. Even if you don't know these names, they are still celebrities. It can be very, very tough for GSN to get top-notch names like Drew Carey and Jerry Springer. Mind of a Man is already hosted by DeRay Davis.

Edit: In addition it appears there will be rotating celebrity panels, where in different episodes there will be different panels. Primarily, these panels will be two men and one female.


  1. I posted a faux tweet on Game Show Follies that links to the hashtag MINDOFAMAN on the real Twitter. You can get some more details about some of the "celebs" (pretty obscure ones, I'm afraid) and a fair number of set photos. At least GSN looks to have put together an attractive set.

  2. Also, I just posted a blog entry with another set photo and some comments on the less than A-list celeb cast. So far as I can tell, the celebs mostly seem to be local comics.

  3. Same guys who appeared on National Lampoon's Funny Money ten years ago. When GSN tries to be funny, it fails. Drew Carey, Muppets, Wink Martindale. They'll never learn.